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Default Post your most recent Disc Golf injuries!

I've recently been injuring myself a lot. It's like I'm accident prone all of a sudden & I'm not digging it at all!
But who doesnt like to talk about their injuries & how bad off they are LOL? It's almost like bragging! But when an injury messes with my disc golf game? Arggg!
Please post pictures or stories (tall tales? LOL) of your most recent injuries related to disc golf. I'll start it off with my latest annoyance. It's called Mallet finger:

This injury happened during a local doubles tourney at Timmons Park in Greenville. I threw my putter across the creek & OB on hole 2. As I was climbing down the muddy bank of the creek I slipped. I put my hand out to brace my fall & caught a root with my finger & jammed it! This particular injury takes 8 weeks to heal & you have to splint the finger out straight & hold it there the whole time! If you accidently let the finger droop you start the 8 weeks over again.
Strangely I am still able to throw with this goofy splint on my finger (yes the injury is on my throwing hand)! I have to use a modified fan grip (LOL) but my golf game has not suffered much. I can still throw about 95% of what I was able to do before the injury.
I've also got a lot of deep scratches (& scars from same) on my arms & lower legs from thorn bushes, etc whilst looking for wayward throws but who wants to hear about that? LOL
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Not really an injury, but I could post a pic of the poison ivy all over my legs right now...

But I wont... because... it's gross.

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Ouch! That looks painful and gross. Sorry to read about your finger, I know how much I value my hands and I never want to hurt them.

My only injuries sustained during disc golf have pretty much been walking through thorn bushes trying to get a disc out of the woods. Lots of scratches and cuts, that's about it.

Actually my brother hit me in the head with a putter while practicing before our last round. I walked right into it from behind a tree.
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A few weeks ago I was in the dense foliage on the right side of Stoney Hill #2. Again. My only out was a big, high backhand anhyzer, thrown as hard as I can to get around the corner and up the hill.

What I didn't see, in all the thick leafy foliage, was a tree. So I karate-chopped it, full speed just inches after my release.

In seconds a spot the size of a half-dollar swoll up. Within 30 seconds, my hand had about doubled in size, giving me an excuse for the missed putt.

Luckily it didn't seem to be broken. Ice and painkillers and most of the swelling went down in a week, though there's a permanent bump under the skin on that side of my hand.
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BEES.....God dang BEES. Apparently if you go walking around on their home, they get all pissy.
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My pride got the crap beaten out of it lately.
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This summer I've dealt with turf toe, primarily. A couple of times its flaired up thanks to rainy day tournament golf. The all-day-in-the-rain thing tends to activate it, royal pain in the ass. I thought I'd broken the damn thing when it happened at DGLO, totally new to me. Apparently its more painful than a break - and more long term in terms of reoccurring. Wish I'd broken the damn thing. :P

Other than that just the usual back soreness and blisters.
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Early this year I threw my Banshee over a small cliff at Estabrook Park on hole 12. As I was coming back out I was pulling myself up and I slipped and all my weight pulled on my left shoulder. Haven't been able to throw hammers since. Forehand is a little sketchy, too.
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I frickin turn one of my ankles all the bleeping time!!!!!! Other than that...knock on wood all is well.
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Bad scores
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