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Default Best Wraith Plastic?

I have a DX Wraith that I bought a while back, but now that it's worn in, it seems to always turnover on me. My guess is that my release velocity has improved some, but I think the turnover is primarily due to the wear in the plastic.

I really enjoyed it while it was new, so I think it's time to buy a new one. I want a Wraith that throws like a brand new DX Wraith and maintains, more or less, the same flight path as I wear it in.

I have a champion Wraith that I found a couple months ago, but it is a bit too overstable for my liking. It seems to be completely different than my DX Wraith ever was.

Is star plastic a good choice? Is the stability similar to a new DX Wraith?

I've thought about just bumping up to a Destroyer, but I'm not sure my arm is ready for that yet.
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How far are you throwing?
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A Pro is really nice and has that good glide, but it won't last all that much longer.

Star will take some throws to beat in but will stay in that nice spot the longest.
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Star. After a brief break-in, it will stay in the sweet spot forever.
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Star is my favorite for Wraiths, but noticeably more overstable. Pro or G Star are good options if you want to stay closer to the stability of DX. They will start out more OS than DX but beat in reasonably quickly and maintain the stability for a good amount of time.
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I have a 172 star wraith that is wicked overstable. This is the only star wraith I've ever owned & thrown, so I can't say if this is the case for every star wraith. Definitely flies way more overstable than a new dx. Maybe a pro or g* fly similar to a dx? I'm curious to know the answer to this myself.
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Star plastic probably won't be much different than Champ. I'd go with Pro plastic. It may be a bit overstable at first but should beat into the fresh DX stability that you are looking for.
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GStar is what you want.
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Go with Pro Wraith.
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A lighter GStar Wraith could be what you're looking for here. Star Wraiths a very stable and stay that way for a long while. You could have a lot of fun with a Blizzard Wraith in the 158-160g range. It's easy to find one online in that weight range. Stable bombers.

My experience with a Pro Wraith was that they flew OS in the beginning but one good smack into a tree and they will change quickly. I find it very annoying to keep up with seasoning discs.

I would not jump to a Destroyer. They are obviously faster but also more high/low speed stable. If you can't handle an OS Wraith than a Destroyer is going to be just as difficult.

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