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Default What's in Your Bag: Part I- Putters

I thought this would be a good idea to see what everyone is carrying in their bag. I was thinking about doing a 6-part series (putters, mids, fairway, control, max d, actual bag). So here is Part 1. Please specify mold, plastic, wear, and purpose

Here's mine(I like and throw my putters a lot, so I have a lot of them)

2-11x KC Aviar 6/10-putting putters
1- Yeti Aviar 8/10- jump putts
1- X-Line P2 9/10- spin puts
2-Yeti Aviar 8/10, 6/10- stable, US approach
1- Pro Rhyno 8/10- OS drives, rarely used

Occasionally, I bag an Omega SS, 5 Time JK Aviar, and/or a super beat DX Aviar.

What r u guys throwing
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Pro D Challenger - 175g
UV Soft Challenger(2003 Am Worlds) 172g
Star Wedge - 165g
Cryztal FLX Zone - 173g
Champion Zephyr- 198g
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Yeti 170 beat
Yeti 175 Newer, main putter
R-Pro Rhyno 175
DX Rhyno 175 beat
173 Birdie
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driving putters
Pro rhyno - 4/10 - hyzer flips, shots ending to the right, floaty up shots

Pro rhyno - 7/10 - straight to fade workhorse

Champ rhyno - 9/10 - drives overstable and glideless

putting putters
Dx rhyno - 6/10 - long putts, approaches, upshots

Dx rhyno - 9/10 - nothing but chains
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DX Rhyno 5-6/10 Putter
DX Rhyno 7/10 Driver
DX Rhyno 9/10 Backup Driver
Champ Rhyno 9/10 Need to break in
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174 SSS Wizard (7/10) & 175 Eraser SSS Wizard (7/10): main putters and BH driving putters
175 Organic RFF Magic (5/10): dead straight to anny approaches, straddle putts, get out of trouble shots
175 Blizzard Pig (6/10): FH driving putter and hyzer approach shots
172 R-Pro Pig (6/10): FH driving putter and hyzer approaches I need to hit and stick the landing (slightly straighter than the Blizzard Pig)
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Now this changes alot. I am trying diff things constantly.

Classic Aviars- putting strictly

16' Mcpro Aviar- beat nice and low sholder slightly US. Long Jump putts/ sometimes thrown off the tee but rarely.

3x wrld chmp Mcpro Aviar- upshots teeshots down shots this shot that shot. I throw it alot.

DX Sb Sanny Aviar- Straight Teeshots. Flip to flat lzrs. Slightly Us throw where the Blk Mcpro used to but Ornge and ez to find.

Pro Pig- these things have almost replaced my mids and i love rocs. Thrown for OS up shots long hyzers. Spikes.. i like pigs great disc mine are pallet piglets or Found in the warehouse pigs.
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One Plasma Ion.

That was easy.
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Chunk VP - circle, trust.
Medium Ridge - for shots where the VP is working too hard
DX XD because everybody needs a palindrome, and it goes dead straight for miles
Proto Wedge - the do anything putt and approach, no shot to hard
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Zone, McPro, Polecat. A Pure is trying to make it in.
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