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Originally Posted by Flashblastx View Post
I did it boys.

Broke the 500 barrier. Can definitely see my form breaking down with the added power but excited to work on things and get to where I want, but pumped on this. Much harder to stay balanced and maintain center of gravity with a larger reach back. Also I can turn my hips more before my plant foot comes down for more rotation and to help my right foot brace better. Its slightly externally rotated opening my hips too much during my brace.

549 foot throw.

Your right foot even landed open. Is that how your plant foot normally lands on successful throws?
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Thanks man! Don’t give up, you can do it. Yeah I can try to word it again (hopefully will come out different).

There is one thing I changed to go from 440 to 550 in distance. The velocity of my disc is completely different due to a proper brace. I can brace but if I’m falling forward I know I’m doing it incorrectly. You can see I’m still losing power in that video as I’m slightly off balance, I will work on that.

So that one thing I changed comes down to my last step into a brace. As soon as I threw everything would rotate and open up (hips, shoulders) and I would come flying over my foot, bad.

So to fix this imagine you are in full reach back with right toe of your plant foot about to come down. Your right leg internally rotated (I need to work on this), toe touches down. At this moment I try to dive into my right leg with all the force of my left leg so that no weight is on my left leg. Now instead of driving the leg in a rotational way think of driving the left leg into the brace leg by going FORWARD. Lift the left foot and have it wrap around your right leg posteriorly (think of McBeth, Eagle, Kevin Jones). The reason this happens... because you are diving and driving that weight forward just like that drill I mentioned Eagle was doing, literally hopping side to side. You are hopping with force into your brace leg.

Now the hard part, staying balanced during “the hop”. I have trouble with this. You need your brace leg to be out in front enough so it can absorb that impact and stop all that force so it gets propelled up your body into the disc. Watch Eagle’s front leg here and angle it forms with the ground. If your weight (center of gravity) is above your brace, you’re falling forward. If the COG is behind the brace, like Eagle’s throw, you are successfully stopping that momentum and it will transfer into your throw.

So while to may sound weird, diving into your plant leg and remembering to drive your force forward and not around Is what helped me. It should feel weird and not natural. Your body is not used to that motion. But I immediately saw and felt the difference!


My gait is screwed up naturally, I walk with my right foot externally rotated. So getting it internally rotated is a bit more difficult for me but it’s something I’m working on. When throwing hard this definitely broke down in my form.

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