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Thrown them all.

Do yourself a favor and get a MVP OCTANE.

(Photon if you don't like domey)
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Originally Posted by ILUVSMGS18 View Post
I want the disc to have some turn but still fade back slightly left of center (RHBH) as the holes that I would be using it on have OB on the right if you griplock/turn-n-burn, but it also has a fairly dense forest on the left with a 35ish foot fairway to work with. My current options on the hole are to risk throwing OB with my FD/P-PD/Pro Destroyer or to risk ending up in the woods with my ORC/Thunderbird/McStar Destroyer, though I have the even riskier option of my Flex FH with my C-PD. It will also have to be able to hold an anny for 2/3 of its flight without cut rolling. Being an all out distance bomber even into a moderate (5-10 MPH) headwind. Easy availability as well as multiple plastic choices including a Pro type plastic would be preferred though an Echo Star type would work as well.
With a 35' wide landing zone with hazards on either side I'd probably reach for something a touch slower with more control.

Are these holes that you could throw wide right over the OB and play a predictable hyzer route?
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Old 01-01-2017, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by jgillia View Post
Thrown them all.

Do yourself a favor and get a MVP OCTANE.

(Photon if you don't like domey)

I did like the stability of ur octane. Def should be in consideration.

Getting away from Innova will help with consistency for sure.

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While mike has a beast arm, I do not. I love my fission and neutron photons. I can throw them accurately and actually use them for anything beyond what my buzzz and ions can handle. Anything from 270-350. I have had nose up problems with other MVP drivers as well, and threw trespasses, swords, destroyers in this slot and the photons are far and away the best choice.

my bag is super mixed, but photons haven't been changed in a long while now.
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Old 01-01-2017, 07:15 PM
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I've had good luck with Proline Hurricanes flying that way.
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Old 01-01-2017, 07:33 PM
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Thrown them all as well. VIP swords are the more stable than tournament but definitely get a bit flippy and no two swords are the exact same, they bomb so easily though. I bag a number of trespasses now in the various plastics. I had a great opto trespass that flew beautiful, then it broke in and now is a bit on the flippy side. The trespass I love the most though are the bio fuzion ones. The ones I've had have maintained their stability and have more glide than any of the other plastics. Outlaws are great discs as well but if you aren't familiar with legacy and don't know the variants of stabilities: such as color,plastic,run, etc. You may have to try a few before you land on one that suits you.
Also like a few others have suggested the photon I'm a huge fan of those as well as the Axiom Defy. I bag a 156 defy and its more beefy than my photons. At that weight I can do some wicked hyzer bombs and it also fights the wind surprisingly well.
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Yes the OB on the right side is a road (Holes 17&18 @ Cadyville DGC), the course designer recommended that I try a Scorpius but I haven't seen him since October (he's not too big a fan of playing in the snow).
I had a Plasma Tesla and it was very nose sensitive, though it did make a great OH disc, which is why I have tried to stick to single piece discs.
I hadn't considered the Hurricane, but the only place I can find them (at least locally) is closed until the spring.
The Hurricane and Octane have rims that are bigger than I would like to throw (at least according to the PDGA's measurements).
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