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^^If you want a fairway with minimal horizontal movement, try an FD at -1/1. I've bagged an s line for close to a year so it's getting more turn and is good for hyzer flips now. Recently added a c line to the bag and it flies slightly more OS than the numbers. They compliment each other nicely. I'm throwing a first run Z Undertaker for more OS fairway shots. I have similar power and can get the FD out past 300 consistently.

Downside is s lines have been very scarce. I've heard DM is supposed to have a new run out shortly.
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Originally Posted by DiscFifty View Post
To get clarity on this.... Leopard 6,5,-2,1 vs Leopard3 7,5,-2,1. Both discs thrown the same exact way, will I get more distance with the L3 or just more fade, or ???

Also...I'm revisiting my fairway drivers due to now that I have more power/snap I'm wondering what these slower discs are capable of. I'm throwing my G* Terns consistently out to 320-350 (with the occasional rip going further), but they need a bit of horizontal space on the fairway. I'm throwing TL3 and Thunderbirds to 280-300ft, and I use these for controlled shots with fade. What I'm hoping for with the Leo/Leo3 is a consistent 300ft+ shot, fairly straight with minimal horizontal movement. Finally...with the leos, will star or champ give me more distance compared to gstar? For wider rims I need to throw g*, but slower speeds I can throw star or champ. And if anyone cares to answer this question...how far can you throw a leo or leo3? Thx!
Numbers are a bit relative, and sometimes used for marketing more than the actual flight. Innova has been saying that some of their "3" discs are higher speed and lower glide than the originals, but it doesn't always translate to greater distance for the "3" discs.

Having said that, I'm getting good distances on my Leo3s (Star and Champ), as much as my Rivers and TLs and FDs, all rated speed 7 discs. My Leopards (Star) are F2s, and I don't get the same distance with them as I do the Leo3s. The Leo3s turn a bit less but do have that "late turn" that Dave Dunipace mentioned in one of his videos. My Champ Leo3s have a bit of late fade, more than the Star Leo3, which may not fade back at all, especially on an intended anny shot. I get my Leo3s out to 250 ft. or so; good for my noodle arm. I can't speak to relative distances of star and Champ to GStar, but my Star and Champ Leo3s go pretty much the same distances.

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Was reading this thread and here is what I found
DX Leopard is reliable until too beat in and a nice turnover disc

Star Leopard for me beats in fast and throws as understable as DX Leopard. I have to hyzer flip mine or it crashes hard or rolls. I actually prefer the DX to the star. I find the star leopard is a longer Stringray for me.

Champ Leopard in strange swirl I have in 172. It is a super straight flyer. I can unleash flat and it goes pretty straight. But if you put a slight anny on it it will hold it all the way to the ground

I have a 175 Star Leopard 3, brand new still. Dang thing is long. Dang things is longer than expected and has some fade on the end. It flies right now just like the new Star TL I bought some time back when it was new. When new, my star TL had a larger fade than expected. After the TL broke it it is super straight even with good torque with little fade. I have S-line FD slightly less stable than the TL. It goes more right at high speed with good torque. The FD is a bit better if you power it down a bit.

SO new max weight Star Leopard 3 for me is more stable than S-Line FD and longer. After it beats in some, I'm hoping with will turn some. I bought it for long tunnel shots or longer turnover shots in woods.

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Originally Posted by 34blast View Post
SO new max weight Star Leopard 3 for me is more stable than S-Line FD and longer. After it beats in some, I'm hoping with will turn some. I bought it for long tunnel shots or longer turnover shots in woods.
I find the FD and TL pretty similar styles of flight, with the TL more resistant to turn. But both will turn for the middle 1/2 of their flight and flex out, with narrower path for TL. You should find that once your Leo3 beats in, it will hold the turnover longer and later than either of those other discs. Easier to have it end up right of your aim, whereas the other two will kind of come back to the middle. I agree though, they can start out way more firmly stable than expected, but still get some good distance and surprisingly have some finish. I haven't owned a Leo3 to put it through all those stages, but have thrown them at different wear points and they do eventually hold a turn for a long time.
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