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Default Xcal vs PD2?

What’s the difference in flight path between a PD2 and an Xcaliber?
Thinking almost strictly FH, currently using a D2 but wanting a little more stability where the D2 would flip over. I’ve tried a newer s-sline pd2 and it’s just a little too overstable. But the old swirly s-lines are perfect. Looking for something similar
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For me the Xcal is easy to stretch out longer when brand new. The pd2 is more overstable and the lower glide just makes it not want to travel as far, for me.
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XCal's beat in really well for FH shots. Takes a while. But they fly like a speed 12 Thunderbird when beat...little turn and a reliable fade/flex but not crazy. Of course they can be quite to very OS when fresh.
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Never thrown a PD2, but do bag a seasoned Star XCal. For what's it's worth, my Innova forehand line up is made up of these well seasoned discs. Stars are less stable than the Champs.

Star /Champ Destroyers for 180-250 ft shots
Star/Champ Bossesfor 250-270 ft shots

Star XCAL for 270 feet and longer. This disc
a 171g, has some turn and flex to it, but it is not a turn and burner.

Champ Groove for 270 ft and longer. This disk is still very overstable but predictable. It is a great wind fighter too. Backhanded it also has a nice hyzer flight. I have even used it to putt with in the wind. It has so many great shots and Aces on it. Love the Groove !!
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G-line PD2s bomb. I am primarily a forehand thrower, have more distance forehand than backhand etc. I usually just use different destroyers in different plastic, but if I am playing a bomber course I'll throw in a fresh g-line PD2 and a beat in one. The beat one gets huge distance for me.

I have tried Xcals, but they prefer to fly straight and then fade. By that I mean they don't respond as well to any-flex shots for whatever reason. I either get over on them too much or not enough. It's harder to find the sweet spot of height and turn for the flex shot with an Xcal than it is with a PD2.

Just my 2 pennies.
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They are quite similar for me. I threw star Xcals for a while when I bagged Destroyers as most of my Destroyers were not extremely beefy. Now I only bag PD2s for distance shots. I carry metal flake, luster, c-line, s-line and p-line. That is the order from most stable to least stable. For forehand shots I prefer something a little flippier, so I will reach for the p-line or s-line. If I need to throw a power forehand I'll grab the luster as it has some glide and will not flip over.

If you are looking at PD2s again you should try one in a little lighter weight. I prefer the 168-171 range as I have found that they remind me of a good Destroyer.

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Originally Posted by Bonifield View Post
For me the Xcal is easy to stretch out longer when brand new. The pd2 is more overstable and the lower glide just makes it not want to travel as far, for me.
I agree. The PD2 is clunkier and seems maybe a hair slower than an XCal. For me the XCal definitely holds a flat line longer before fading. PD2 is a piece of legit beef. I'd equate it to a faster Firebird. The XCal isn't quite as beefy or glideless.

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