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Default Mentally broken after first tourney

I just started playing probably around 3 months ago. 1st round is a short wooded course which does not have permanent baskets but i managed to do a few practice rounds before the tourney. 2nd round is a course that has permanent baskets and I play in that course probably 4-5 times a week.

During the 1st round tourney i had my PB and did pretty well. However during my 2nd round tourney i had so many OBs and missed putts. I usually average around +8/+9 but i had +14 where i ended up on the last place in the tourney. After the 1st OB i just brushed it off and thought it was just bad luck and continued playing. After the 2nd and 3rd OB i just gave up and wanted to end the round ASAP. Missed 3 putts in circle 1 where my discs just kept hitting the base of the basket. I was mentally broken after that round.

After a couple of days I just kept thinking about the holes and the OB scenarios kept playing in my head. Was pretty depressed at myself after spending so much time practicing.

How can i strengthen my mental game during my future tourneys? How can i overcome what i am feeling right now? Maybe tourneys arent for me and i should just stick to recreational play.
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Pretty funny stuff

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I recommend Armus Patheticus's favorite book:

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

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In this journey through life, it's best to pack lite. Keep the emotional baggage to a minimum. Don't carry problems that you don't need. Have the memory of a goldfish.

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Either you want to compete or you don’t. If you want to compete, you will get better at competing by entering tournaments. You know if you played well according to your standards. It will come if you keep at it.

Playing in things like a weekly mini (single round event) is a great way to get over competition anxiety.

Being a few strokes off your game is no big deal.

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Originally Posted by Armus Patheticus View Post
Pretty funny stuff
i do think its funny too not sure why im so affected by it.

Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
I recommend Armus Patheticus's favorite book:

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella
this book popped up numerous of times when researching about mental disc golf. will definitely check it out.

Originally Posted by Hampstead View Post
In this journey through life, it's best to pack lite. Keep the emotional baggage to a minimum. Don't carry problems that you don't need. Have the memory of a goldfish.
thank you for your insight. i believe this should be reflected in my daily lifestyle as well.
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Practicing the mental game is definitely a good reason to play league or skins. It's not unheard of to have a meltdown under pressure, haha. Just laugh it off.. 3 months is a good start but next time don't expect so much.

I don't entirely remember my first tournament buts its important what you take away. I remember it was substandard round for me, don't remember any of the crap. I remember I played with Kristy Lee (semi pro) who was always competitive and standoffish.. (1 chick: per 100 dudes don't blame her haha) but she was super cool and totally awesome to play with, totally said hi any time after that as I moved up the semi pro circuit. I remember it was a good round with some good folks, I remember I hit a late second round ace (don't remember which hole) to get paid, I totally remember my first solo bird on 14 amazing throw in from 150' with a red Evo magic. Don't dwell on the crap it weighs you down.

One shot at a time, there's nothing wrong with par.

I prefer to have someone else keep my score card and I don't want to know until I'm done.

Of course that being said my positive attitude as refined as it is is not infallible... I was playing the provincials a few years back, open ball golf course, gusts of 80km/h+ Gale force winds. Like seriously trees cracking, limbs flying not the kind of weather to go wandering in the bush know whut I mean?

I tried everything but couldn't catch a break... sandtraps, water hazards, oh yeah add it on I found em all!!!! stiff headwinds that turned my drive into a roller that ended up 20' in front of me, HEINOUS conditions... tried to keep up but I was playing with one of the guys that would be top 3. I took a beating and he kept advancing, I even had dust or tree residue blow in my eyes that I couldn't get out. Hooboy, I tanked like a lead duck doing the backstroke, I think I played the second course Ace Running but I didn't hit, heck I wouldn't be surprised if I DNF'd I don't remember anything good about that round. I remember the crap in my eye...... I do remember being mad that I let it get to me though. If I did DNF that was smart, I hope I went home to a sandwich and a fire.

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Around 5 or so shots off what you average really isn't that bad. Especially since you can account for the shots with OB's and putts.

If you follow the pros, it isn't uncommon for someone out of the top 4-5 players in the world to have a couple of OB's, miss a couple of putts and be 5 or so shots off their peers.

Stay the course.

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Keep it easy. What you experienced is common for your situation. Just keep going, avoid big expectations, play hole by hole, and if things don't go your way, don't try to be extra good to counter the bad luck, but instead play simple and safe. Your scores will become better automatically; forcing things only adds a lot of frustration, which is the opposite of having fun ... and that's what you should have: fun!

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It happens to everyone. Calvin Heimburg is possibly the most even keeled of any of the top players yet we saw him effectively mentally check out during the last round of Worlds. For the vast majority of us the mental game takes practice like anything else. Selective memory is a key- focus on the fact that you played well the first round, not that you played poorly the second.

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