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Beginners pack discs are what I find most. After that, drivers of various manufacturers.
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Me and my friends have found a lot of DX Leopards. I'd say in general high speed drivers are what I find most. Finding a slow discs is super rare.
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Champ Katanas. Not surprising as it's my main distance driver. Oddly I've most often lost them by not marking my disc when it lands in a bush. I'll stick a foot in, throw, and then forget to pick it up.
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Crystal buzzzes

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Originally Posted by PeterMonk View Post
Understable drivers. Personally, I have lost a about 4 Leopards in 3 years. Anhyzers are difficult shots to begin with, so when you add distance and woods the result is a disc turning too much and sailing into some PacNW thorny mess.
That's me, owing to a particular water hazard that accounts for almost all of my lost discs. Mostly sidewinders and monarchs. Another hole on the same water hazard has swallowed it's share of wraiths, but I usually recover them.

As for what others are losing in that water, and I find, the variety is astounding. Though I suspect destroyers are disproportionately sunk there.
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Originally Posted by dontBLAMEtheDISC View Post
Crystal buzzzes
I'd love to find some of these without ink!

For me, I typically find speed 12-13 drivers: destroyers, katanas, nukes, bosses, along with daedaluses, and a teedevil

I recently "re-lost" some of these while visiting a water-heavy course. Throwing other ppl's high speed drivers wasn't great for my score, but at least I didn't lose plastic I'm more fond of.
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I had to stop throwing Terns because it felt like I was losing them every third shot.
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We loose Banshees - Good ones!

3 Banshees - 2 KC Pro & 1 Glow Champ
3 Star Destroyers - Water - 2 On opposite ends of the pond at Idlewild (2 & E) & one at Phil Moore
1 Teerex - lost in treetops
2 Star Maxs - Water & Brush
1 Star Cro - left during doubles
My Son
2 KC Banshees - Water and Brush
1 Firebird - left in fairway
1 Teerex - Water
1 King - Treetops
1 Trilogy Mid(?) - Water
1 Riot - Water
1 Freedom - Brush
I'm sure I forgot a couple!
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Originally Posted by ThrowBot View Post
I also tend to lose max D drivers: bosses and more recently wraiths. (I don't throw destro's but I'm sure I could lose those too!)

It makes sense to me that these high-speed discs are the most frequently lost. They come out of the bag for the longest throws, which might mean trying to carry over water or some other disc loss zone. They also have the capability to go the most wildly off target (as advocates of discing down will tell you).
^this all day. Factor in that for blind shots, the farther a disc travels after it leaves your field of vision, the harder it is to figure out where to look. Plus high speed drivers tend to have bigger skips, so even if you have a decent idea where it touched down, it might still be a good distance away.

For me its Pro Bosses, but that's by choice. I throw them on riskier shots (instead of my Lace) specifically because they're cheaper/easier to find and replace. I typically trade for used Pro Bosses, or pick them up on the cheap at PIAS or someone selling plastic at a local course, but I never pay retail for them.

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before that it was the PD.

i don't know why, but i've never lost any other discs nearly as often as those two, and i've thrown destroyers for a while as well as the orion lf which are similar speeds.
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