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Originally Posted by Indy View Post
Exactly! Yet I still have to check out their discs whenever I'm there
Yep same. Every time. I have two very athletic teenage daughters and we end up there a lot for random sports equipment and EVERY DAMN TIME... I walk over the to disc golf rack as if there will be something besides Grooves and Tyedye Katanas for $18. There isn't. I know there isn't... yet every time I go over and look.

Big 5 a few blocks from Dicks carries trilogy starter packs and lots of DX Innova. But basically the same experience. chance is near zero I would buy one of those discs but if i'm in there for a soccer bag or an Ice hockey mouth piece or a new softball... i'm looking at the disc rack.
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I don’t even throw any Innova discs and have no plans to ever throw another one...

...and I still stop at the rack of discs at Dick’s


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I bought my Wolf at Dicks
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I browse through Dick's discs every time I go there, and sometimes I even make a special trip just to see if they have restocked.

I don't buy much, but I do like that I can paw and eye the plastic and sometimes I find a nice disc.

Yeah, it's full retail, but it's the same price as every other brick and mortar (including PIA) and one shop I know charges even more than Dick's!
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Every time I go to Meijer I have to stop by the disc golf section. The discs never change, but... I have to.

Too bad it's all high speed drivers besides the Skeeters, VRocs, and Aviars.
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I don't go to Dick's, I go to Academy...and not for discs...
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Yea, I stop by and check out the display, most of the times I go to Dick's. Since they move the display around the store in different seasons, part of the challenge is finding the display.

Bought a starter pack there, then another one! I have bought a few other discs there, the price is about the same as PIAS. So I usually buy at PIAS, better selection. (RAL and DUR locations only!)

I also look for the display at Cloud Nine, whenever I am in there.
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My favorite...
Me: what do these numbers mean?
Dicks employee: ???

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I don't even go in our Dick's store anymore, they have so few disks it isn't even worth it. Scheels carries a respectable selection of various brands of disks and I have to sort through their whole selection every time I go in, but I certainly don't need anything right now!
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Same here, just have to see what they have, every time.

Pretty sure I've told this story in another thread, but why not. For my b-day this year my son wanted to get me a disc, and he wanted to pick it out himself. So my wife takes him to the local Dick's, where he proceeds to randomly pick out a Champ Roc3. I only throw two Innova molds, a Star Teebird and a Champ Roc3. Kid has great taste...

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