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1. USAF, 2002-2004

2. Since last May

3. Long after. I hadn't even heard of it when I was active duty.

4. None

5. N/A. I didn't pick up the game until recently.

6. A buddy of mine who's still in the reserves plays with our group sometimes.

7. N/A.

8. I strongly doubt it. Ultimate is very popular here on base, but I don't believe MWR here has even heard of disc golf.

9. Lackland and Wright Patterson AFB both have the land and resources to support a course. Wright Patt alone has two 18-hole ball golf courses on base.

10. Neutral amongst those few who have heard of it.
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1. USMC, 1996-2000

2. 6 years

3. Nope. Never had any exposure to it.

4. 29 Palms did not have any. MCAS Iwakuni, Japan didn't. I don't recall ever seeing any in Okinawa or Yokosuka, either.

5. N/A

6. N/A

7. N/A, but we were on a small air base, so there really wouldn't have been any space for it.

8. I never heard anything about disc golf when I was in.

9. As mentioned, Camp Pendleton could have some fantastic course space. 29 Palms is out in the desert, and your discs may literally melt during extra hot days.

10. Damn hippies. But as one of the very few Deadheads in the Marines, I wouldn't have minded.
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1. USCG, Retired Warrant BOSN2, 27 1/2 years, retired '01
2. Going on 10 years
3. After
4. No
5. No
6. As far as I knew, no one played, no one ever talked about it.
7. Perhaps a few units, TRACENs Yorktown and/or Petaluma. Maybe AIRSTA Kodiak. Adak, AK might be interesting.
8. Don't really know, and if I'm honest I don't care.
9. None
10. Not a clue.
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1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (British Army) 1985 - 1995 served in Iraq & Bosnia,
2 years playing
After the army
Never saw any baskets on the barracks
Friend who's been playing since the 90's introduced me to the game 2 years ago, he isn't ex forces but a pad brat
Disc Golf still quite new in the UK
PDGA need to promote the sport more in the UK, I find it good therapy for my PTSD and injury, I am sure other veterans would get into it, if only they knew that disc golf existed as most the guys played the standard golf when not on duty.
Plenty of spaces to put an interesting course although think the artillery impact zone maybe off limits
Would be great for forces discount on discs etc. worldwide
Veterans tournaments and disabled vets tour would be cool
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Has this article been written?
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Was never in a branch of the military. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your service. You are heroes.
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I suppose I don't have to actually answer the questions. Currently at Fort McCoy waiting for people to finish online training....

There's a lame course at the campground that's kinda attached to McCoy. That particular gate is closed, though. You have to take the long way around.

I've noticed alot of fellow soldiers have said they play/have played when I bring it up.

I don't want to answer the rest.
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Originally Posted by Nemmers View Post
1. What branch are/were you in? How long did you serve? USAF, 4 years 2000-2004

2. How long have you been playing disc golf? 1.5 Years

3. Did you start playing when you were in? If not, did you start before or after you joined? Nope, I started some dozen years or so afterwards.

4. Were there any bases where you were stationed that had a disc golf course? If so, where? Are/were they any good? No, I was stationed in Germany during my entire stint, There were none at the time, Though I think there is one on Ramstein now....

5. Did you introduce any players to the game while you were serving? If so, about how many? Do any still play? N/A

6. How popular did you find disc golf to be among those you served with, if applicable? I believe there were a couple of conversations around it a couple of times in the dorms... but i dont remember any specifics

7. Did you ever try to start a disc golf club, league or course at any of the places you were stationed? If so, did you ever approach your local MWR about it? N/A

8. In your opinion, does the PDGA do enough to promote disc golf within the military? If so, what are they doing right? If not, what could they do better? They probably don't. I would donate baskets (practice or help design a course) In Europe there are is some beautiful greenspace that would make for excellent courses. The PDGA could patner with a GMO like the USO

9. What bases have you served at do you think could benefit from, have the resources to support, and the personnel to maintain a legitimate disc golf course? ("Legitimate" meaning something better than just an open field with baskets installed sporadically.) I served at Sembach, Which is near Ramstein.... I believe Ramstein has a permanent course now... But you could put one on Volgelweh It is where a lot of enlisted housing is located. You could also put one on spangdahlem, Sembach where i worked would make a good one but I doubt there are enough people to keep it up there.

10. Does disc golf have a positive, negative, or neutral reputation among military personnel? Why? No Clue i lost touch with all I served with when i left i dont really talk to any active duty anymore
I know it has been good for my mild case of ptsd.
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1. SC Army National Guard 88-92 deployed to serve in Desert Shield/ Storm 90-91.

2. First tried it as a kid using a wham-o and objects in the neighborhood in the late 70's. Picked it back up in 95. Started playing regularly in 2010.

3. No. long after.

4. No idea as DG wasn't on my radar then.

5. No

6. N/A

7. No

8. No idea.

9. N/A

10. No idea.
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I'm hoping someone will talk a little about the Blue Angels courses and their history in Pensacola. I always wondered how much the Navy did vs private citizens to make that place happen. It's on government property so someone in the command chain was willing to give a sizable chunk of land for DG.
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