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Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
I figure the Rhyno would take the cake if it hadn't been overshadowed by the Harp...
I hate everything about the 2010's.
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Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
You are being too literal.

The comment has to do with people giving the Judge credit for being the first low-profile putter. The actual first low profile putter was the XD. Except when the XD was introduced, it was a distance driver.

Anyway, the Judge is a beaded and the XD is not, So you could call the Judge the first beaded low profile putter. Except the beaded version of the XD was...the disc now know as the Classic Roc. Again, it wasn't designed to be a putter, at the time it was a driver.

Now when you start talking about the low-profile putters that have been all the rage for the last decade, some people want to act like that kind of putter/mid tweener disc is a new idea. It's not. The XD and Classic Roc were around for years.

For an actual Judge/Classic Roc comparison, they both are small diameter and they both have a bead. The wings are basically similar. The Judge had a huge shoulder compared to the Classic Roc, so that's the main difference. The Judge was designed to be a putter and has more of a putter profile to the nose, where the Classic Roc has a sharper nose. Not so sharp that it wouldn't make a decent putter, but the Judge would probably be an improvement on the design if you were considering them both putters.

So it the Judge a Classic Roc copy? No, but that's not what we were getting at. What we meant is that you can't call the Judge the first disc of its kind when you have a disc with really close to the same design that came out 25 years before it.
I agree, even other brands had tweener putters like Lighting with the Rubber Putter in fact the first putter ever made the Aero, (remade and not quite the same as original mold) was a tweener putter. Gateway has had a few low profile putters with one of the low profile putter that copies the Wizard just made much lower.

On the midrange side the Shark (out in late 1980's) considered a tweener, especially with the higher domed discs though the other way, putter like midrange. Then the Comet, the ones that are higher domed looking like a Rubber putter, are like a tweener putter style midrange disc as well. The putter styled midrange has also been an idea for a long time, with Spiders, Gators in early 2000's with Skeeter a bit later in 2006. The Idea of the putter style midrange did not start with the Mako in 2009 or Rat in 2017, as if the putter style midrange concept has only been around since 2010's either.
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