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Default mgamache8 ITB

I really just want to use this to track what I'm throwing
Years playing/experience: DG 2 years
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed
Throwing Style: mainly RHBH, a little OH, RHFH(but not good for touch shots)Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Aviar3 200/240'; eMac Truth 250/280'; Teebird: 280/320; pd :310/350; destroyer: 360/390

This slot changes a lot depending on the course, but typically...
168 philo(new)-somewhat OS, shows a little turn and comes back. typically just RHBH
171 mcbeth(seasoned)-bomber destroyer, fair amount of turn and an equal amount of fade. Max d RHBH, OS forehands
169 mcbeth(beat)- US, tailwind drives, backhand turnovers
175 star wraith(new)- FH only, OS but not dumpy. Only in the bag at longer courses.(I'm looking at you minekill, blatnick, and hyzer) this is the driver I'm learning FH on

Pretty bland here:
C-pd(fresh)- os
S-pd(seasoned)- straight
P-pd(beat)-US, turnovers
Sometimes bag a c-pdx when I need a little more beef

2016 Sexton Firebird-thumbers, os sidearms, spike backhands
C-fd3- OS backhands, flex shots
Haven't gotten used to the fd3 for FHs yet, but I think it definitely has more glide than the sexton

Glow T3(new)- OS, tight flex shots, headwinds, doesn't get much use
Champ T3(seasoned)- lost some f the fade it had when it was new. My straighter teebird
CE TB(beat)-US, hyzerflips, hyzers, my main woodsy disc
Sometimes bag a pro leo for uphill drives that still need to flip a little

Champ roc3(new, domey)- most os roc3
Champ roc3(flat)-straight to fade
2015 mcpro roc3(fresh)-straight
2014 mcpro roc3(seasoned)-slight turnovers, hyzers
2016 mcpro roc3(beat)-hyzerflips and touch mid shots
Comet and eMac truth that are mainly for FHs. Haven't gotten comfortable with the roc3 for FH yet, eventually want to drop these 2, but no rush
Hyzerbomb frontline x mortar-OS utility

By soft harp-OS putter, working on FH ups with it
Rpro dart(beat)- US touchy shots, bh turnovers
Star aviar3- most putter drives, moderately OS
XT Nova-most upshots
Yeti aviar-main putter
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