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Default Heed the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

... and don't forget your towel!

I got a free towel at an Ace Race but it just hangs in my basement. Yesterday, I played in the pouring down rain at a course I had wanted to play for over a year, which is over an hour from my house, so even though the weather said no rain, I wasn't about to leave when I got there and it was pouring. I threw on some boots I had in the trunk and played.

And let me tell you... that whole thing about "grip" that disc manufacturers post to differentiate their plastics is important.
If you play with the cheapest plastics (such as Discraft's Pro-D or Innova's DX) you will have a good grip in the rain and not notice much of an issue. And if you picked up discs with some of the higher end plastics (such as Discraft ESP or Innova Star) you also won't notice too much of a problem, because you can just swipe the water off and still get a good grip.

But man, good luck without a towel if you're throwing the hard (most durable) clear plastics like Discraft's Elite-Z or Innova's Champion. It took me a few holes to realize that all of my pre-releases were from slipping off the disc because they were wet (duh) and not just because I suck or because my rain soaked shirt was sticking to my body and making my arm harder to move.
Nope, once I pulled an old dishcloth I had in the bag (for cleaning off grass blades after a round) and started drying off my discs before throwing the difference was huge.

I guess that's why we got towels in the first place at the Ace Race haha.
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At The Canyon in Brooksville, I threw into one of those thick patches of 8' tall sawgrass---probably not its correct name, but apt as the leaves will slice your skin open. I wrapped my tower around my hand to make a sort of mitten/shield, and plowed in after my disc.

On really hot days, I've known people to soak a small towel in cold water and put it I a ziplock bag, to wipe their face during the round.

Yeah, like the Hitchhiker says, you never want to be caught without your towel. You can even use it to dry discs.
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It's been said many times, many ways... Merry Christmas errr I mean...Bring a towel. A must have in the bag... like discs.
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The towel is well respected.

Ziplock, tightly folded microfiber towel and compress out air. A couple or more will fit unnoticeable under discs or bottoms of pockets. Put a lighter in one too if so inclined.
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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
On really hot days, I've known people to soak a small towel in cold water and put it I a ziplock bag, to wipe their face during the round.
I sometimes carry a wet small towel or washcloth in a ziploc to wet my fingers before throwing if my fingers are too dry for a good grip.
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well...when manufacturers talk about "grip" in regards to different plastics it isn't really a reference to how easy it is to grip the disc, but more of how well the disc will grip the ground when it lands.

IE: less grippy plastics like champion are great for skips and more grippy plastics like star or DX are better when you want the disc to stay where it lands. Obviously this does translate somewhat into how well you can keep hold of a disc in the presence of moisture but really...if your hands and the disc are wet you aren't gonna be able throw effectively regardless of what plastic you have. so yeah, you definitely want a towel at all times, and a resin bag is a good idea as well.
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A little OT but towel day was last month.

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I keep a Wilson golf towel. An Innova dewfly (or two) and a ziplock full of assorted microfibers, terry and whatnot. Towels, gotta have them.

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Originally Posted by hiflyer View Post
Yeah, but Towelie got a little high and wondered off!

Half way through my round the other day I lost my towel and didn't replace my back up from the last time I lost my towel.

Shorts were soaked from using them as a drying fill in.
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