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Default Greetings.

I'm Mike, my fiance and I started playing a couple weeks ago and are in love with this sport. We've learned a lot since the beginning as far as what we should be working on to improve our game.

I watch tons of youtube videos to learn what a newbie should be doing and I have a hard time trying to not overwhelm her with any new tips. I just don't want her to get too discouraged an stop playing because she isn't getting better faster. But I keep seeing her mistakes, and I just want a balance of the learning curve and her having fun playing.

We're in our 50's starting out so I feel it's a bit more difficult for us to get the hang of it since we are not in great shape. But I love being outdoors so I don't mind how long it takes to learn.

Thank you all for being here to support us noobs and help us 'get it'.
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I went through this with my wife. We, as husbands, have to take a step back and realize that our wives may not be as competitive or care about it as much as we do. I play almost every weekend. My wife only wants to get out and play when it cools off down here. I am always trying to do things better and trying to compete at a higher level. She could care less. I try to help her with her major problems, but for the most part she just likes getting out of the house and hanging out with me on the course. If she is happy with how she is doing, just let her be.
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Welcome. Good luck with the learning. And have fun!

One practical suggestion is to play catch often. My wife and I don't live particularly close to a course, and she doesn't enjoy playing much these days, to be honest. But we enjoy playing catch several times a week in the neighborhood. This is quite useful for disc golf, I think. You can use a putter for catch if you want, especially a lighter one with softish plastic. Or you can use an ultimate lid, doggie disc, or Aerobie ring. But learning to throw any of those accurately and with some touch will help quite a bit on the course.
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I also started playing 50+. Just an incredible sport for us old dudes. As far as keeping the wife interested long term, let her win more often or just bring 1 disc each and have fun. I found when I take my entire bag and get into the round, I tend to focus on my game and not give her enough attention.

oh yah... buying a 117g leopard for her was gold. It increased her distance dramatically.
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my wife in I are both in our 50's. she likes the game but will never be interested in playing frequently. the times she enjoys it most is when we happen to play with our siblings, friends or grandkids. always have a bag handy!
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I'd love to get my wife to play, but my kids will play with me from time to time and as they start to improve, they are finding more interest I'm hoping that eventually the three of us will force my wife's hand into joining us on "glorified hikes that just happen to have plastic discs involved"
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Originally Posted by Blobfish View Post
...I'm hoping that eventually the three of us will force my wife's hand into joining us on "glorified hikes that just happen to have plastic discs involved"
My ex-girlfriend and I play all the time.

She was hesitant at first, but she started going out to play when I referred to it as "Hiking with Frisbees".

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