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Old 10-23-2020, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Hampstead View Post
Every disc is a crutch if it works for you, wise guy.
every disc except one disc

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Old 10-23-2020, 10:41 PM
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I bag a Jokeri or two. Some people put it in this category, some don't.

If I have room to throw any shot I want, my most reliable shot is to hyzerflip a Judge. I aim right, it goes straight as an arrow and fades just a bit towards the basket. A little closer in, where I can't throw it hard enough to flip it to flat, i start to get mixed results. Sometimes it fades too much. Sometimes it doesn't fade enough. If I throw it too flat, it might turn. Sometimes I go 25 feet long.

This is where I grab my Jokeri. I can consistently hit a distance with it with minimal ground play. I also use it to hyzer around big trees in front of the basket and for some flexy woods shots.

I carried a Z Zone for a while, but I can throw the Jokeri a lot more consistently.
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Old 10-23-2020, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
i dont need one

but i see many others using crutches
Yeah not so much a cruch as a playing style. At least it is not a true crutch like using only OS discs for OAT on backhand drives and driving standstill shots.
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Old 10-24-2020, 11:54 AM
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I bag an MD5 and two Pigs. I only throw my Pigs forehand. I throw the MD5 backhand and sidearm. I use my Pigs for a majority of my approach shots. I like how the softer pro plastic “hits and sticks” after it hits the ground. I forehand the MD5 in extreme wind or when I need something to fade harder than my Pigs. I don’t consider it a crutch to use overstable approach discs. For me, overstable discs are the most predictable. Ricky uses Pigs and McBeth uses the Zone. Are they using them as a crutch??? I especially like beefy approach discs on windy days. I like that I can trust them to not flip over. Plus I don’t have to worry about playing the skip, like you do with an overstable driver. I rarely run the basket on approach shots. When I do, it’s usually with a beefy approach disc (like during a dubs round).

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Old 10-25-2020, 12:43 PM
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I started bagging a Z Zone lately. I really like what the disc does. It can be used for short tee shots, approach shots, or putting on windy days. The flight is glideless, overstable, and consistent. The Zone hits the ground and sits. No random skipping or bad rolls.

I think what I like most about the Zone is that I can rip on it with 100% power and not worry about it flipping or getting beat around by wind.

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Old 10-25-2020, 01:50 PM
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Well I definitely used to use a Zone as a crutch back in the day these days the overstable slot kind of jumps in and out of my bag I'm throwing an entropy which is a little less stable. Of course it's windy as hell out there today and the entropy will probably stay in the bag for just that reason..

I very often can use something like one of my Fairway drivers in its place and of course an Envy which is a straight to stable but not overly so.

It's probably a slot that I use more in the winter than in the summer
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Old 10-25-2020, 02:17 PM
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I used to use a zone. I loved the zone. In fact, I swore by my zflx zone. It was the first disc decorated by my daughter for me with a blobfish. And I lost it. I looked at my other zones which I stopped using for various reasons. I tried replacing it with a 4x Z McZone. I tried replacing it with a jawbreaker zone. I tried more hyzer on my zflx Ringer GT. I tried a beat Big Z drone. None of them flew like my zone.

And then I just came to the realization that I'm psychologically dependent on the idea that I need this disc, when in fact I don't. I'm not a pro. When I play in leagues or tournaments, sure, I watch guys crush a zone with pinpoint accuracy. The truth is, I'm not good enough to absolutely need a disc, when so much of my game changes as I am ever-evolving and improving as a player.

After realizing that, I moved on. I adapted my game somewhat and learned different shots with other discs.

Oh wait, remember how I started this reply? With O-G-O-P-O-G-O?
Yeah, because if you can't decide on if you need an overstable fairway, mid, approach, or putter, then this magical beast is the panacea.
Powered up, it's a tad awkward, but a pretty solid overstable fairway driver.
At 50-75% power, it works great in that OS approach range.
Not the best glider, it does weave an exotic flex shot.
And best of all, it absorbs impact and dies (you could get a low angle roller if you want tho).
Do you need it?
Are you reading this thread because you feel like you need a crutch in overstability?
If yes, then you should explore the fantastic Canadian beast known as the Ogopogo.

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Old 10-25-2020, 02:44 PM
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My Aviarx3, and also Caiman accomplish these duties just fine for me. And they are both great forehand discs. If I don't use those for whatever reason. I'll put the Pig, and the Rhyno in. Pig does great FH, and am not as fond of the Rhyno as a forehand disc.

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Old 10-25-2020, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Blobfish View Post
Are you reading this thread because you feel like you need a crutch in overstability?
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Old 10-25-2020, 04:02 PM
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yes. a Pig.
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