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Default Off season bags

Hey all,

It's been raining a bit (when it rains...) here in the PNW. I'm not a competitive player at this point, and I've been thinking about to what degree I am going to swap out my summer bag for stuff that's easier to throw in the wet and cold.

Just thinking of for example swapping to GStar from Champ in the same mold for example.

Do you guys roll with the same setup all year? Swap to base/gummy plastic as appropriate?

Some stuff is tricky - for example, the Wasp is one disc that's not readily available in grippy plastic. I happen to have 1 out of 2 ESP Wasps I recently picked up left, so I figure it's a good option this time of year. ESP's not great, just less terrible than candy premium.

I'd happily throw a whole bag of GStar and base in the off season.
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I've been loving g* in the winter the last couple years. It feels more like star in the cold. I'm in the same boat as you for the Wasp. Luckily I have 3 ESP's. I'll be bagging those over my usual Z. I try to avoid Z/Champ in the cold and wet.

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Where applicable, I usually go from champion to base plastic, dig out the older flippier stuff to help the cold muscles, and switch out my whites for yellows.
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I keep it the same but I do swap out a few discs for gummy versions. Drop in a Fluid Enforcer for one of my Warhorses, gummy Crossbow for Justice etc.

I do have a small starter style bag with only Vibram disc in it that I use for wet casual rounds sometimes. It’s pretty fun.
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I run the same setup year round but I typically don’t play much if it gets below 20 or if there’s more than six inches of snow on the ground.

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Once Im done with tournament play for the year I will bench my entire bag when it starts to be in the 30's and 40's consistently. I throw a lot of old plastic and a lot of DX and KC and have had too many discs break in the cold. I dont try to add in any gummier plastic but I do tend to put in a few gstar discs in my winter bag. I also use winter to break discs in that can eventually make their way into the summer bag. Also keep in mind that if you play in the cold and snowy states in the winter that your form will more than likely be different in the winter then in the summer so if discs fly differently in the two seasons dont worry.

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Same bag all year round in SC...the only decision I need to make is do I wear a hoodie or not.
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I usually drop down to baseline plastics where possible, and my putters swap from Lunas to something else (I'll play down to -10 F) to prevent the possibilities of cracking. Thanks for reminding me to get some more baseline/midgrade stuff for this winter.
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I'm pretty much stuck with premium plastic because of terrain but I will toss an electron envy in and ride a glow bag. (Mostly so I can play after work with the dog). I have high hopes for my proton eclipse pilots. I also gram down about 3 or 4g with a driver or two for bad footing and/ or go heavier/ twin up if it's a windy stormy day (155 and 165 relay etc). I tend to pack a wind disc more and beef my Comet from my 172 ESP to my 176 for the same reason. Or shelve my glow Z and pack two esp comets. Cold weather makes the discs more stable but the wind ****'s me around

So yes I change my bag but I can't tell you exactly how I change it. I do work in some of my newer discs as opposed to well seasoned (perfect) favourites that I don't want to crack.

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In the Winter, I putt with DX Big Bead Aviars instead of KCs.
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