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Default Hi everyone

Hi I’m from Wa and just started playing first week of Sept. I really like this side of golf. Way more fun still competitive but in no way too serious to be fun. Golf for me got to be where if I wasn’t shooting a certain score I wasn’t having fun. Anyways I have about 24 discs but really only about 12. I have either the exact same disc twice or very similar like maybe a diff brand of disc or a diff plastic or weight. I also just got a pound bag which is really exciting. Do any of you guys also carry the same disc twice as I do? Or should I get more diff discs that are all diff? Thanks for any help...
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It's different for everyone...I don't carry any duplicates. But some people carry duplicates that are in different stages of 'break-in'. Some might even carry a duplicate if they are playing a course or hole where they might lose a disc.

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Its really a matter of personal preference. I think if weight weren't such an issue there are folks who'd carry 100's of discs on the course. While once I played with a fella who could be a 1000 rated touring pro that had 10 discs in a tiny bag. That's one of the beautiful aspects of disc golf because there really is not right answer for everyone other than you need at least one disc to play.

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I carry very few molds but usually bag two of each that are pretty much identical. I didn’t used to be like that but lost my go-to fairway on hole six one time and it killed my game that day because I didn’t bag anything similar at the time. Now two is one and one is none.

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I carry multiples of most of the discs I throw. I think it's easier on harder courses to not worry about losing discs when you have a backup. Or two or three backups.

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I carry multiples of the same mold for several reasons:

1. For practicing multiple throws with same disc on same shot. If I shank something, I can pull out the same disc and try again.
2. In case I lose one.
3. For disc "cycling" purposes: aka different stages of wear on the disc to obtain slightly different flight characteristics between discs of the same mold.
4. In different plastics for the same reason as 3...to have the same mold in a different plastic with a slightly different flight characteristic.

That said, everybody's different and I've seen really great players with just a roc and putter and no bag.

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Hey welcome to the sport!

However you want to play is good, I buy discs I like in pairs and 3's. Often with a 5g difference kind of thing. I don't suffer lost discs as much as other folks but I like the idea of being familiar with a mold and adjusting the weight up or down, depending on wind etc.. In the early spring I'm usually throwing my lighter ones because I'm a little out of practice, then heavier by summer.

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Thanks for the responses guys. Really appreciate it.
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