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Default RHFH vs. LHBH if they are already equal?

Hey guys, just got into the game not too long ago and have been making some really good progress. I'm rated around 920-930 right now (according to dgcr) but the main thing that I think could help me would be developing a longer forehand. I played basketball all my life so I am relatively ambidextrous and was wondering if it was worthwhile to train my LHBH. I could still use my forehand for scrambling situations. So far I can LHBH about 150 with semi-good accuracy. My forehand is about 200 feet with similar accuracy. I don't intend on getting my LHBH up to par with my RHBH but something that is serviceable for obvious left to right holes around 250-300. Thanks guys.
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I wouldn't bother. Played hoops year round in leagues until college.
I flick it every chance I get and max RHBH and RHFH both at about 350.
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The times you'll find yourself with absolutely no other option but to throw with your off hand can probably be counted on zero fingers. While a flick won't cover every shot you can execute with a backhand, you should generally be able to cover enough to not miss the BH. If you wind up hurting your dominant hand/arm, you may appreciate a less steep learning curve to getting back on the course though.
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I’m amazed at the number of better-than-me players who have a weakness at forehand. I’m less-sucky at forehand than most other parts of my game so if I can figure it out I’m sure you can too. It’s certainly worth it.

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The only time I would see an advantage of LHBH over RHFH as your secondary shot type, would be if you are SO good at both you'd have a higher max distance with the BH mechanics over FH.

So if you are throwing off an open tee and you want a left to right finishing shot, you could throw farther LHBH with the same quality of form as a RHFH shot.

But if you're right handed, you'll have better touch with shorter RHFH shots. And throwing FH shots around obstacles or in the woods is so much more useful. Also the RHFH is likely just more natural feeling to pick up at the beginning for you too.

So I'd say don't bother unless it's fun for you to mess around with.

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In general, backhand has an undeniable and inherent advantage of having higher distance potential. Slightly more debatable is that backhand also gives a higher line variety, or maybe just the ability to hit those lines more accurately?

Forehand has many inherent advantages as well. Less reachback, ability to get decent distance from a standstill, ability to get better throws from very awkward stances and arm positions, ability to control release angles in those positions.

Biggest of all, forehand is simply the more natural athletic motion. That's why many, many disc golfers start out with a much better (both distance and accuracy) forehand than backhand. Your question is whether it's worth having a LHBH over RHFH? I think it's better to keep working on ANY backhand, so in your case just keep improving that RHBH for distance and line-shaping potential. I'd say any work you're planning on putting into your LHBH would be better devoted toward improving your RHFH, since you have room for significant distance improvement. That said, it would definitely be cool if your two shot types were RHBH and LHBH.

PS: I played basketball through high school. How many basketball players are ambidextrous? I always though perfecting a basketball shot promoted wrist flexion, contributing to a decent forehand, but in no way did it help me throw a disc left handed. Sure I had a decent lefty layup, dribble, 5 footer, but you're making me feel like an inadequate basketball player!
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