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damn, dude. all of a sudden these threads go all quiet. everyone just waiting on their plastic or what? i can't wait until mine gets here. now that i know my alias is in the bag i'm happy to have a backup coming, and the envy will be fun to throw as well despite the likelihood of it going in the bag being very low.
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Yea I'm waiting on my stack to get here. Monday can't come soon enough lol
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You guys think your waiting is tough? I have to wait for mine to get to me here in Korea!
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I'm just waiting for Alias and Envy to arrive Finland..
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My wife wants to give me mine fir valentines day, so I have to wait till then...
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Took 4 Envys and 4 Aliases that I just bought recent Friday to the field yesterday. The lightest Envy I have is 165 and the lightest Aliases I have is 168 and it is not much differences to me in distance and stabilities over the entire weight ranges. I was throwing Envys from 282 to 300 feet and Aliases from 285 to 309 feet. I was surprised that I was throwing Envys as far as my mids. Aliases certainly can throw at slightly lower lines than Envy but Envy can throw at low lines very well considering it is a P&A.

I did a practice round yesterday on T-2 and I putted with my S N Ion and Envy every time and both putts great for me. It is just that Envy goes left/fade earlier than Ion, so just adjust the aiming hair bit more right for Envy. Now that I have 5 Envys so I will do some putting practice side by side with my S N Ions and see how it goes.

Alias is nice compliment to Tangent. I like Axis very much but Alias and Axis overlaps pretty much so Axis will have to go.

Envy has to be one of the best disc MVP has ever produced. Time will tell...
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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
damn, dude. all of a sudden these threads go all quiet. everyone just waiting on their plastic or what?
Pretty much!
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all my deliveries were pushed back until tues.

wasn't gonna throw them yet anyways but come onnn
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Had some of mine waiting for me when I got home from work. I have to say that I really enjoy the feel in my grip (a little taller than I expected but not too tall) and love that the inside of the rim meets the flightplate in a more traditional way, but I really wasn't expecting them to have such plus rims. It's not really that noticeable when gripping thankfully, but I was pretty shocked as I don't really remember anyone mentioning it. Initial impressions are definitely good. The discs look absolutely beautiful. Wonderfully vibrant rims and cores, amazing stamp (great work Zam), and great swirly cores (on the one I have with swirls).

I hate to say this because I really do like these, but I can see why they're sticking with black and glow on the MVP line. Of the three Envies I got, all three have imperfections my MVP discs (3 Ions - med, soft, eclipse and 2 Vectors - UV blue and eclipse) don't. The rims aren't perfectly straight all the way around the disc where they meet the core. There are some really minor imperfections, but they were noticeable enough for me to get up and gather my MVPs to compare. One of my Envies' cores also had a very minor (what it looks to my non-molding self) short shot.

Do any of these issues take away from the grip? No. Are any of these issues noticeable to anyone but someone who was so impressed at how beautiful they looked that he spent some serious OCD time giving them a good going over? No. Is the fit and finish anything but outstanding compared to the sloppy overmolding of Innova? No. Am I trying to get a refund for "bad" discs? No. I'm just giving my initial OCD-intensive and overly-critical impression.

I can't wait to get some time in the field with these. I loved throwing the Rhyno, but I hated the lack of glide. I'm hoping these will be just as fun to throw but with the glide I really wanted.
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That's a pretty honest review Tbird. I'm fairly certain that you'll really like how they fly, and I'm interested in your review one you give them a work-out.

One question. What is short shot?
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