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Old 12-04-2018, 12:14 AM
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Default Your Favorite Mold Went OOP. What was It and What Replaced It?

Thought it would be cool to have a thread for people to reminisce about their favorite molds they had to give up for whatever reason (cost, availability, etc). Did you ever find a suitable replacement and so forth?

I love the Discraft 2008 Ace Race disc, the Nebula. Discraft never ran it into production except for some Limited Edition runs in Z. Fortunately, I had the foresight to stockpile these and should be good for awhile but 2008 is nearly 11 years ago and nothing lasts forever. I think the best replacement I've tried is the Verdict, b/c they start out decently beefy and still fly fairly straight after beatings. No bead and a little faster feeling too, which I like about the Nebula.

What OOP molds are y'all yearning for?
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Old 12-04-2018, 12:36 AM
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I miss my Champ Aero. Still looking for a suitable replacement

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I've been the kiss of death for Discraft drivers it seems. At various times my go to drivers were Talon, Wildcat, Crush, Flash, Avenger and Tsunami all of which are now OOP. I had an occasional Xtra or Xtreme in the bag as well. The majority I had enough of a stash to not really worry about needing to switch.

The only driver that went OOP and caused me to change has been the most recent one, the Avenger. I really haven't found that perfect replacement yet, but the Vulture is kind of close. The spare stash bin that goes with me to tournaments still has my two purple go to Z Avengers in it just in case. I like the Vulture, but need to get add something other than the Big Z I carry. I have some in Ti and ESP and need to get those a little seasoned to help my now Masters age arm.
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I guess Discraft had reasons for ditching the Flash and Crush, though I don't know what those reasons were. For me, the Crush and Flash were very good drivers. Obviously back when they were made they were among the fastest drivers on the market. The Crush flew like a Starfire, and the Flash flew like an Orc.

I guess the closest thing Discraft has to a Crush now is the Pulse. Is the Pulse still in production? I actually think the Pulse is an underrated mold you hear nothing about. The last Pulse I threw flew excellent. A nice, somewhat overstable speed 11 driver.

The Thrasher would be the closest thing Discraft currently makes to the Flash.

I never cared for the Avenger. I wasn't sad to see that disc go. Felt horrible in your hand. Wasn't a terrible flier, but I hated the feel of it.
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Old 12-04-2018, 02:58 AM
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Originally Posted by ChefKoolaid View Post
I miss my Champ Aero. Still looking for a suitable replacement
They do not make it in premium plastic but a Lighting Rubber Putter is as close as you can get.
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The XL in premium plastic went oop, thogh the Stalker is a tad less comfortable in the hand the Z Stalker flies better then the Z plastic XL I had, still have my ESP XL in my bag. the Stalker has less dump at end of fight then the XL, and it flies like the ESP XL in flight, nice and straight but no end flight dump.

Then the Impact one of my more used molds went oop and not a replacement yet bought a bunch about 5-6 extra at the weight that works best for most people plus a 176 gram of the Impact mold. I will not use the Glide as it is in a Z plastic and it needs to be a more grip plastic like Big Z or ESP or FLX for such a small rimmed disc same rim as the Impact but no hashing on the rim, Z takes longer to get grip even compared to other similar plastic like Champion. I might try a Wombat 3 in Star when I run out of the Impact discs for the same spot as they have similar flight as well as feel, just a speed or two slower is all but the extra glide makes up for that. Wombat can be in some discs too domed for my liking and not in Star.

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Vibram Ridge. I haven't needed to replace it yet, I have like 60 of them as backups! Disc Buying Disorder pays off!

But seriously, the Westside Maiden may stand a chance at replacing them for putting duties. I'm not sure about driving yet.
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Old 12-04-2018, 07:07 AM
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Most responses on this forum will be from the Discraft vintage because, well... they are good at making discs OOP

The Reaper stands out to me because of how good of disc it really was, but somehow was never replaced. Folks seem to think the Predator or Hellfire makes up that difference; however, they are just too different to fill that void. I currently carry Firebirds in their place which is unfortunate considering its the only mold in my entire collection that wasn't made in Wixom/ Walled Lake MI. I refuse to spend $$$ on OOP stuff for use in real time.

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The Gazelle. Replaced it with the M-Polaris LS, not quiet the same, but close enough.

Still have a few DX Gazelles in the stash for winter play though.

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Old 12-04-2018, 08:39 AM
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Ibex for glidy approach anhyzers.

Have not found a replacement so I changed the way I throw that shot.

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