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Default I crave competition, but Iím not very good. Suggestions?

So Iím kind of at a crossroads here. Iíve always been a pretty competitive person. I really enjoy when Iím playing against a group or a personal score I would like to beat. I can throw great shots, but actually putting a round together is something I canít seem to do. Iím just not very good hahaha. Iíve been playing 15 years now, almost 16, and I think Iíve carded 2 rounds under par ever.... probably not really, Iím pretty sure I played course par so meh. Iíve tried to join leagues and play in small events, but Iím having a hard time having fun when Iím in last place pretty much every time. Ive been playing intermediate fwiw. I play by myself mostly, so I think the biggest thing I like about it is actually playing with someone else, but thatís also the most frustrating too. I just feel out of place. This is something I really like to do, but itís not very fun holding up 3 people when you get a 6 and they card 2, especially every other hole.

Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like I havenít reached my best, but over the last 3 years, despite throwing much better shots, I just donít play any better. Should I just play in rec instead? I feel like this is not really my spot because I am usually above that level, and I tend to relate personally with better players, as Iíve been playing a long time. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Sounds like the issue is mainly between your ears. I'd highly recommend reading, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" by Dr. Rotella.

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Move to Rec. Clearly, you're not above that level if you're in last place "pretty much every time" in Intermediate. Unless the Recs in your area are soooo far behind the Intermediates that you're shooting better scores than them while finishing last.

Try it once. If you dominate, you can always go back to the bottom of Intermediate.

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I've been playing a long time and am pretty horrible. I only play one tournament each year, but have no problem with playing Rec. I'll retire from Rec when I win and drift off into age protected divisions.

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I would say simply, you are not playing first and foremost for the 'love of the game', rather you are playing for 'results', which are not under your direct control.

Or another way, structure your golfing goals/aspirations so you can 'win every time'. I know, easier said than done...at the risk of being labeled an armchair psychologist, I would say that in your case, your fear of the consequences of 'success' overrides your ability/potential. In this way, your self image as a golfer, and perhaps a person, remains 'stable'...

From personal experience I can tell you that this particular 'dragon' is tops in ruthlessness and cunning, however, if you can defeat him, he yields tremendous riches, which are well worth the trouble...fwiw

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Take steroids and practice more.
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Play your practice rounds will people who you know will smoke you but hype tourself up in your head "I'm gonna beat this dude today" (you probably won't) this mindset has taken about five strokes off of my game lately. Also take the shot you know you can make not the one you think you should. Amd listen to SW22.
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practice more?
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You would likely find more success, if you were competitive with yourself and the course. Your preoccupation with others has to be distracting. Why are you so worried about other players' game? Challenge yourself.
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Try less, think less, have more fun. you know the shots, just let it fly. Always smile at the basket. Dont watch other peoples shots, practice before the round. Put your mini in your other pocket. Focus on the execution not the result. And buy into the raffle.
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