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Default In the bag of a T-Rex armed 25 year old.

Hey peeps.

Figured I'd do an in the bag thread for the 2020 and beyond seasons.

Little about me;
Experience: 9 Months
Nickname; Sexy Rexy
25 Years Old
Left Hand, Forehand Dominant - Though quickly learning and perfecting backhand (been told the mechanics of my backhand is perfect, just need to work on the quick twitch/explosiveness)
Currently 801 Rated.

Distance Avg/Furthest
Putter: 200/225
Mid: 250/280
Fairway: 270/310
Driver: 300/350

If there is something I struggle with its consistency, but I will be doing a TON of field work come spring (I live in Northern Alberta, there's knee deep snow out here.... It sucks)

So! Let's begin!


2 Prodigy 300 Soft Pa2's - Love the feel, love the flight, my putting from 25+ feet has improved since acquiring these bad boys.

1 Prodigy 750 Pa2 - For the drives! I love the glide and straight flight I get from it. It's reliable for me until 220 feet, which I have to throw about 75% to reach without turning it over.

Upshot Discs;

2 Innova Star Rat's - These things are GNARLY for upshots. I have a stockpile but only bag two at a time. I only forehand them, I can't describe how throwing them makes me feel. Confident, and my aim is +/- 5 feet within 180' of the target. 10 feet outside that range.

1 Discraft Z Line Zone - I use the Zone for backhands and forehands, unlike the Rats. Mainly for drives anything 240 or less that need that overstability.

Midranges; I like to throw Mids, I have quite a few.

1 Discraft ESP Buzzz - Understable mid, not much else to say.

2 Dynamic Discs Emac Truths - 1 Lucid, 1 Prime Burst. Lucid is dependable for Hyzer flips and straight finishes, Prime Burst replaced my Mako 3's and is the straightest disc in my bag (other than the Pa2's)

2 Discraft Z Line Wasp's - my OS Mid, forehand, backhand, yes, no, send it discs. Love them for the dependable fade and good glide.

1 Discraft Proto Malta - Don't throw it much honestly, I know it's not as OS as everyone wants to think, but it has saved my arse from jail a couple times so it stays.

Fairway Drivers; I carry 3.


1 Prodigy 750 F5 - Nice medium distance Hyzer Flips. Don't throw it a hole lot, but keep it in the bag for other courses I play occasionally (5 in the area)

1 Prodigy 400 F3 - by far the most under rated disc on the Market IMO. Flip to flat, gliiiiiiiiiide, a nice forward finishing fade. One of my favourite discs to put a rip on.


1 Discraft ESP Heat - Definite Pop Top, Big Anny's.. haven't tried a roller yet with it because I'm comfortable with the F7 as a roller.

3 Discraft Undertakers - 1 Esp, 1 Titanic (lol) and 1 Z Line. I haven't thrown them yet, but looking forward to. I've thrown a friend's seasoned Z line and really liked the shaping I could achieve with it, so definitely excited to get them out there.

1 Discraft Z Line First Run Raptor - My OS work horse. It's my meathook for windy days, or anything I need to put on a spike hyzer.

1 Latitude 64 Opto Musket - Comfortable driver, I mostly throw it in a tailwind. I find it has a nice forward finish to it and I can get some of my max distances with it.

3 Discraft Anax - 1 Proto, 2 First Run. The Proto is very similar to a brand new Musket with a touch more glide, it's well seasoned. The 2 first runs are very straight flyers with a half forward half dumpy fade.

So, that's in my bag. The only addition I may make is a very OS 10 Speed for headwind drives, but we shall see come spring time.

Stay warm (if you're like me and live in coldashellistan) and give me some feedback!

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Default Update #1

I've decided to make an adjustment to the bag.

I've taken a Malta out, and replaced it with a max weight ESP Buzzz. I also replaced the F5 with an ESP Avenger SS, next I replaced the ESP Heat with a Z Force for a good wind fighter.

Also reverted back to putting with Classic Blend Judges. I missed the bead, and they glide so much nicer than the Pa2's at putting speeds.

So now as it stands;

2 Classic Blend Judges - Putting
1 750 Pa2 - Driving Putter
2 Star Rats - Forehand Upshots
1 Z Line Zone - Overstable Putter Drives
2 ESP Buzzz's- Straight and Understable midrange shots
2 Emac Truth's - Straight Forehand with Prime Burst, Flip to Flat Backhanded/Forehands with Lucid.
2 Z Line Wasp's - Dependable fade
1 Prototype Malta - Get Out of Jail
1 400 F7 - Rollers
1 400 F3 - Hyzer Flip fairway shots.
3 Undertakers - Same as before
1 Raptor - Same
1 ESP Avenger SS - Replaced the Heat, more comfortable in the hands
1 Opto Musket - Same
3 Anax' - Same
1 Z Line Force - Headwind fighter
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