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[QUOTE=DiscFifty;3445685]In all fairness, I have witnessed that as well. But for the sake of discussion...do you think a TD having a tournament is growing or giving back to the sport? Or when a camper full of merch arrives at a tournament with 150+ ams, is that truly "giving back to the sport"? As far as volunteers go, that's all on the TD to organize. I certainly wouldn't expect a pro to help out anymore than an am or fan would want to. If they do great, if they don't no big deal. Around here, we have local pros that do free clinics (some I organized), help out with course maintenance, help put in new courses, etc, to me that's giving back and growing the sport. Same thing when a TD puts on a ladies only or juniors only event.

I really think we have been conditioned to think growing the plastic industry is growing the sport. Buy this buy that, you help grow the sport. I think it's supposed to be other way around. Do things to grow the sport and the industry will benefit right along with it./QUOTE]

I think there are two different factions of TD's. There are TD's out there that are running tournaments exclusively, for profit. Nothing wrong with that, but outside providing the opportunity for tournament AM players to play, the plastic and organization is the payback.

Many TD's are club officials. Clubs are providing a lot different package. They run tournaments, run leagues, clean, develop, expand and put in courses. We offer a couple "beginner" leagues. Designed around shorter courses for newer players to play within the constraints of PDGA rules without the pressure of a lot of Advanced or Pro players. Many run charity events as well. Many set up booths at fairs, carnivals, expos and such to introduce the game to masses that have likely never seen or tried the game. Many run youth events. This is where I would like to see the PDGA put their efforts and this is where past growth has been accomplished.
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Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
Why as an AM player, or even a fan, am I in the equation for "keeping any media company in the mix"? They are businesses. It seem like it is their responsibility for keeping themselves relevant. Same goes for Dodge and the DGPT and media. I appreciate the loyalty, but am I responsible for keeping Discraft in the game? (Not that McBeth needs my help)

The PDGA does bring more than posted above, to TD's and tournaments. They also are the regulatory body for tournament play and bring us a set of evolving rules. But, you are correct for the AM player like me. But, those reason are exactly why I pay and join the PDGA.

I guess my primary objection to the entire premise of the thread is....what is broken, that we are trying to fix? Seems like this is a veiled attempt to re-vilify Dodge and the DGPT. I mean, that is all good, but I don't imagine any new incantation of the DGPT, run by the PDGA or anyone, not going through the growing pain we seen now. I also think the idea would negatively impact the current role the PDGA fills.
Yes it is the responsibility of the company to keep themselves relevant, however how does a company survive? Customers/fans. Loyalty is important in the continuity aspect of a business. But your question is the answer itself, you are a fan and as a direct result you affect the company. This isn't a subsidized corporation that stays afloat by supporting the right people. This is a crew that started playing with an video editor in their basement and are finally making a name for themselves because they worked their butt off and people appreciated it. If you appreciate something, why not want to support it? Also, using a disc company as an example doesn't really help support your argument. They sell a set product, not a media production. Their offerings are guaranteed revenue at this point due to the necessity of their products. Media companies are not.

I don't think there is a problem anyone is trying to fix. This was a generalized question and one posed due to recent changes in media format. I don't really understand how you are viewing this as an attempt to vilify Dodge in his endeavors. He made a huge error in his media plan. He wanted to make more money and failed along with making enemies. This proposition is simply to visit ideas that may or may not work in the future. And in my opinion and according to the other 100k+ people that subscribe to and watch disc golf production, this may be a possibility.

The bottom line is there is only one direction to go in Disc Golf media production and that is to implement Live Coverage on a broader scale. The lessons learned from now will be beneficial to the future. Post-production will only be at the top for so long. As the sport grows, so will the PDGA's role. Just a question of how.
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What if the PDGA took control of all the elite events, hired the best disc golf media crews, gave them long term contracts, etc, etc. All of the elite events had live coverage, guaranteed next day post coverage, etc, etc. No more diversity and potentially dividing the fan base by having to choose your favorite "media content provider". Perhaps the clear path has been here all along. They gobbled up UDisc, maybe it's time for the PDGA to step up and proclaim it's namesake as the unified central source for all things disc golf media?

I'll admit I read the first page, and then skipped to here. But it seems like some discussion right away about money.
Why does that have to be as big a factor ? It seems like what OP is asking could be done without needing some big change in PDGA dues or $$ percentages. And the PDGA is a slowly evolving thing anyway and what they spend money on has changed and should continue to evolve.

Even without knowing all of the inside details about the $$$ going this way or that way, It feels like something that could be done without it being as much about that and more about just what it might become. I'm not sure the PDGA " unifying " media coverage would have to be too entirely different than what we currently have either.

I'm sure people like JomezPro,CCDG, Terry & Smash,etc. have a perspective a little different and would be interested in their perspective ( and Jamie .

And even the talk about growing the sport and the best way to do that seems almost off-topic here. I think what OP is discussing isn't purely about that or even it's main intended effect. Obviously something like that would have an impact on the growth of the sport in ways, but I don't see again how the PDGA " unifying" media coverage and stuff with majors/NT's,etc. is much different in regards to growing the sport as we have currently.

I like it. Depending on things it sounds like a logical extension .
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