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In a word "NO".
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The main thing that holds 9 hole courses back from best of the best ratings is hole variety. The only way a 9 hole course could get a 5 from me would be if it had excellent alternate tees that played dramatically different from the main tee (which would also have to be excellent).
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Originally Posted by jongoff09 View Post
I think what would make a great 9-hole course would be some well designed par 4's and 5's. The comments that a 9 hole course will get boring could be remedied with those since a lot of courses are all par 3's.
I agree that this would help. But still don't think it could push a course to a 5/5 for me.
I don't see anywhere making a 9 holer like this, odds are if you have room to make a par 36 or so 9 hole course designers would design a regular par 54 or 60 18 holer.

We play safari out here (tees to different baskets ect). I love it, its a good way to mix up an old course.
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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
My ranking approach is to insert a new course into my rated list by asking the question "If this course and 4 others on the list were all 10 miles away from home, would I play this course more or less often than those 4?" I move up and down the list until the new course is in a tie with the others.

Of 105 9-holers played, Winged Deer in Johnson City TN is/was the best. It has/had everything I look for: Good risk/reward with choices or routes/throws and appropriate width-to-length ratios, rewarding lengths/challenges for me to feel great about scoring birdies, mostly wooded with great variety of how up/down/right/left are designed/implemented, and "Appalachian beauty" almost to perfection.

It is now an 18-holer with the new holes being pretty bad cedar-hell type holes (new holes 7-15) ....and that has actually hurt my desire to play that course. I rated the original 9-hole layout as a grade of 95 which is an A which equates to 4.5. This is saying that I would go just as often to play this 9-holer (a few times through) just as often as courses like Rogers Lakewood, Yadkin County Park, East Roswell, Castle Hayne, Charlie Vettiner, Dretzka, Foothills, Lake Olmstead or Brown Deer.

It is very conceivable to me with just any small-ish improvement (say having some nice water in play or 2-3 par-4's/5's) to a very similar course could be a 96 or 97......which is an A+ = 5.0. I have not yet seen a 5.0 rated 9-holer, but can easily envision one.

Hole 2:

Dude, I just had to.
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Originally Posted by jsc430 View Post
Not in my book..18 holes is the standard. IMO there's a con to every 9 hole course: it only has 9 holes. A 5/5 leaves very, very little to no room for improvement(but thats another argument). Only having nine holes = room for improvement
Why is 18 the standard, because it matches ball golf? If a course has 24 holes, do you detract from your rating because they went overboard?
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My new back yard 9 hole course might be the shortest course in the state, but it will be 5 star rated because of the amenities. Free beer, cheap lodging, I'll fire up the grill, and good company. Then we'll go play one of the most epic courses in the country, come back and play a glow round in the back yard. You'll have such a good time all around that you'll give me a 5

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Originally Posted by takman View Post
Why is 18 the standard, because it matches ball golf? If a course has 24 holes, do you detract from your rating because they went overboard?
Ahh, maybe he's changed his thinking in the last 7 1/2 years.

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Sure especially if the 9 holes have 2 tees that create a full, good 18. I think people should review a course based on its intended target. It is ok to have a 5 disc beginner course with every amenity, great design and safe features and a 5 disc gold level course with all the amenities.

I also think just because a course is gold level, thus harder to maintain, it should not be given credit for size or design if lacking in other areas.

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Personally, I'm not a fan of "more holes = better."

For me, it's how complete a given course is in terms of shot variety + fun. It's hard to fit all combinations of:

...into 18 holes, let alone 9.

But I don't necessarily think 24 holes are better than 18, if several of the holes are repetitive.

IMHO, the best reason for more holes is to bring add'l shots/design elements into play, that aren't featured elsewhere in the course.

Perhaps instead of more holes, some should be lengthened. Or alternate pins/tees might provide better variety than additional holes. Those options may provide better alternatives than "more of same" would.

Straying a bit off topic, but I think many places feature 24 instead of 18 primarily to accommodate more players, particularly for tournaments.

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I would rate a nine hole course at a 5/5 if it was perfect AND had two sets of tees that allowed the nine to be played twice with significantly different shots on each hole.

I generally have a good experience with the nine holers designed to be played through twice.

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