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Originally Posted by discgolfer25 View Post
Going with this thought, what would be your ideal set up? You and Nate? You and Avery? You and Jerm? You and someone else?
IMO it's a two-fold issue to solve - first is finding good chemistry in the pairing, and the second is fitting the commentary style to the video format.

This is why I think a play-by-play or host role is so important. You have to have someone signing you in/out of commercial breaks, posing the right kind of questions or lead-in statements at the right moments, matching the vocal tone for the pair to what's happening on screen, knowing how to 'volley' the conversation at the right pace, etc.

One example is the very beginning - often when it's two pros it sounds like a podcast intro, "Hey guys, how's it going? We're here at..." vs using an intro to set the tone of the event. A sunny weekend in Vegas in February is very different from a rainy October final round, for example, so those intros should sound different.

All of the guys you mentioned are good candidates, and very different in their styles. I also really like Doss. He's well-informed about sports in general, and his disc golf pedigree is unquestionable. On top of that he has no problem telling it like it is, without being disrespectful.

I also like going on the track with Ian, because I tend to migrate to the analyst role and let him host.

Hope I didn't ramble too much there...

Originally Posted by TimSyl View Post
I know of which I speak.
I read this in Gandalf's voice and it cracked me up. Just thought I'd mention that.

Originally Posted by sjberry2017 View Post
Apparently there was a video team on chase card; really looking forward to that event. Jamie, any word on who will be commentating, or did you say that would be a surprise?
Working on that still. It was a last minute decision so nobody was prepared.
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Originally Posted by TimSyl View Post
Um, yeah. Broadcast/Journalism degree, over 25 years experience doing radio play-by-play...mainly football and basketball, other sports as well. I know of which I speak.
next time I'll be sure to make it more more obvious that I'm asking a rhetorical question.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Followed the next 2 holes barefoot, that got some looks.
Didn't run into you this year - but I can assure you that you were not the only shoeless spectator...we saw about a dozen.

Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Everybody was pretty happy for Nate, it was a touching ending to the tourney. Philo in particular seemed like a really class act and McBeth seemed really happy for Nate (kind of contrary to the myth of him being a "competitor to a fault" that gets tossed around). Ricky on the other hand, was clearly burning inside and was gutted by the loss (he was a gracious loser too, though, not trying to sound like he stormed off the course pouting or anything).
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Originally Posted by Orioles_Lefty View Post
One thing I noticed on the coverage was a more limited use of statistics. I find that Big Jerm sometimes overdoes it with the stats, using them to the extent that they distract from providing other forms of analysis (such as on disc flight, choices players made, etc.) Going down the stats rabbit hole can also throw off the timing where the comments end up behind the action.

I wondered if this was a "production" decision made by SpinTV or USDGC/DGWT or Innova. I thought there was a marked difference in how much they went to the stats compared with something like their recent coverage of Green Mountains Championship. They didn't completely ignore the stats -- number of birdies, hardest/easiest hole rankings -- but I sensed that the cut back. Purposeful?

I also found the "Pillars of Justice" snark to be hilarious. They changed the name to the Pillars of something else for round four, but it was equally hilarious. It was clear that Big Jerm thought they were stupid, but he handled his criticism well, I thought.
^^^ All this.

I noticed that there were less statistics, but also that they seem to be much more selective in which stats they chose to show. For example, they wanted to show why Nate Sexton had a big lead, so they showed stats where Nate was crushing others...

Also agree on the "Pillars of Justice". Wow, those were gimmicky. I hope they don't do that again in future USDGC Championships...
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
Disc Golf Commentary is entirely too soft. Always has been.

You never hear anyone ever question why someone chose a certain shot or point out when someone throws a poor shot as to why or what they did wrong.

It's always extremely positive or "unfortunate"

I don't watch post-coverage disc golf b/c it's too cheesy and too positive.
Oh, I dunno.... Sexton is not afraid to tell his co-commentator "that wasn't your best effort".

Plus, sometimes they don't know why someone threw a bad shot, and err on the side of discretion in their comments.
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Originally Posted by SD86 View Post

Also agree on the "Pillars of Justice". Wow, those were gimmicky. I hope they don't do that again in future USDGC Championships...

Hole 9's Drop Zone was mentioned a few times during the commentary, and not in a positive light.
As the commentators inferred, it's not that hard for a guy of normal height, but watching Paige get down on her knees to throw her approach from the Drop Zone...that was weird.

Throwing through the cross-bracing on the supports. Really??
We are definitely heading for the concrete hippo and the spinning windmill (aka mini golf).

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Man, some of you guys are even more critical of commentating than I am, that's rough.

I agree with the folks that like the pro & pro commentary and don't need play by play (it is edited film, I can see every shot and don't need it described to me). I love Big Jerm, he's probably my #1 precisely b/c he geeks out over course design (I'd rather hear how a certain hole is a soft par 4 rather than how so and so screwed up throwing his disc into the tree). Sexton is fantastic as well and together they're an indomitable force of insight and humor. I don't even mind Avery Jenkins as long as he doesn't sound like he's just funneled 4 red bulls.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the long-winded discussion of such and such hole being the 5th hardest hole, etc. I like the stats and the mentions, just not the "Guess what this hole ranked." "Third hardest?" "Nope, tenth hardest." "Really?" Blah blah blah. If they could work the difficulty ranking into the hole preview via drone parts that would be great so Jerm and Nate wouldn't feel pressured to bring it up so much maybe (or if time is too limited for this, save last year's tourney stats and put them on there, I dunno).

I also disagree with people that think the pros are too nice when commentating on bad shots by fellow pros, I think they do a good job. Jerm fully busted out in laughter when Simon threw a <40' worm burner during the Nantucket Open and gave Simon the appropriate amount of hell for it, it was great. The only time I can think of the pros being too kind commentating on other pros was maybe when two FPO were doing commentary but A) FPO is a much more familiar, smaller field so being critical on fellow players would be magnified tenfold and B) I'd still rather hear the gals' side of women's disc golf.

I was okay with the Pillars of Justice. They seemed maybe a tad random and I guess that's why the pros didn't like them but I wouldn't throw the concept out just yet. I do think there is a better solution somewhere.

Last edited by BrotherDave; 10-11-2017 at 09:46 PM.
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I liked the Mozzarella Sticks name better because thats exactly what they looked like.
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Originally Posted by Flick Maniac View Post
I liked the Mozzarella Sticks name better because thats exactly what they looked like.
The pretzel rods of justice?

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I liked the pillars of justice, i do think they should have been outside the bullseye though, that was kind of ridiculous. I mean the bullseye is that for a reason right?
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