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Default Rotating the entire throwing operation

Hey dudes,

Yesterday I snuck out and got in a quick 9. Something clicked during the offseason, and it gave me a little extra exit speed.

I think I realized that lately I have been arming the disc, keeping my torso largely squared perpendicular to the target throughout the throw, or at least missing the timing of rotation to the extent of not adding that rotational force to the hit.

It had something to do with watching the Beto drill with a novice friend of mine, watching Beto throw from the power pocket by just rotating his torso and extending the elbow. Realized that I was getting 0 power attempting to throw from the hit - breaking my drive down to just the hit, it was all elbow.

As this experience bounced around in my head since then, I realized that in my back swing I must be totally hugging myself.

Finally, the other day I was explaining putting to my novice friend. I was explaining why it's so important to get the lower half of the body involved on longer putts, and that it seems like just a little oomph from the legs is multiplied at the hit, because it's as though you are moving the fulcrum of a class 3 lever.

That last point is what really took hold, so yesterday I started to really try to focus on moving the fulcrum of my R shoulder (RHBH). And how does one effectively move their shoulder joint? By rotating their torso, of course. The timing of the whole thing escapes me, as I'm now not exactly sure if I want the shoulder acceleration to come some time before the hit to give me extra momentum to redirect in the pivot, or during the hit to just speed the whole thing up at the end... right now it's more of an intuitive thing. But it did work, and I was turning stuff I had considered relatively stable before, turning over understable discs like Hatchets, and getting full(er) flights out of a thunderbird. Mids were also flying very nicely in the woods, and my anhyzers in particular felt much more consistent.

Can anyone comment on this idea of rotating the torso to move the fulcrum of the shoulder?
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Sounds like Bradley Walkers FB page - Spin and Throw
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I’m also at the point in my form progression that I am realizing the importance of hip turn.
In one of SW22’s side-by-side videos, I was one of the subjects.
Two things were apparent.
One was that I wasn’t using any snap.
Second was that I wasn’t using my hips.

Adding snap was fairly simple and got me an extra ~20-30ft, and better accuracy.
But I still knew something wasn’t completely right.
Still not reaching distance potential.
Looking at slo-mo videos comparing myself with the pros, I could see that my hips were following my shoulders, not leading them.
Light-bulb moment!!
At the point where I bring the disc across my chest, my hips are roughly parallel to the line of flight, whereas the pros’ hips are already perpendicular to the line of flight by that time.
Looking forward to getting out in a field and working my hips into my throw!
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