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Default Shoulder soreness

I have only been playing dg around 4 months but have always been athletic (a ball golfer of 20+ years).
I throw RHBH and average 320' and occasionally hit 350'.
I get soreness (like a pitcher) right at the socket of the arm and shoulder. I also get lower back pain after a driving session.

My form may not be perfect, but it looks real good without careful scrutiny. Without having to post a video, can someone tell me if this is normal, an indication of bad form, or simply an aging problem? (I'm 44)
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Not normal. Could be age related but is probably a form issue as well. I have terrible shoulder problems, throw over 400, and backhand never bothers my shoulder at all.
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I used to have this problem when I first started (at 49), I was using very little of my body in the throw, all arm.

Once I started getting my whole body into the throw and stopped that nasty rounding torque throw where I felt the need to pull harder with my arm, the problem went away.

There are lots of good threads/posts on here that can help. Some of those guys that can help you the most will most likely be along shortly.
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Most likely technique issues. Use your body like you would for a sledgehammer, pretend the disc is really heavy. I'm almost certain you aren't centering your balance, swing and pivot on your front leg. When you get stuck on the rear leg you jam your follow through instead of pivoting through freely.

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I wouldn't tolerate soreness in the socket for very long before I sought out better medical advice than is available here.

Actually, when I was 44 I did try self-diagnosis, and ended up with surgery and 2 lost years. I'm 56 now, and still regretting it.
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You are probably strong-arming your throws and putting a lot of strain your shoulder.
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Thanks for the advice. (I will try to post a video of my form when I get a chance)
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I know it sounds dumb, but stretching out better before rounds and having a good offseason training program helped me. After one winter of arthritis in my shoulder (from not playing 4 months of winter season) and not sleeping well as a result, I vowed it wouldn't happen again. I still say work on the form though.
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I had some shoulder pain a few months back, probably my rotator cuff. Stretches before a round and strength training took care of it. Look up some rotator cuff exercises and do the towel stretch:

I also am getting some lower back pain on the right side (I throw RHBH). Again, stretching and strengthening the supporting muscles (mainly the glutes) has been really helping.

And remember to stay loose!
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Try exaggerating your stretching and warm up prior to throwing ... increase your H20 intake on a regular basis, not just around your playing time ... make sure you are getting enough good fats in your diet (omega 3's), and most importantly, take enough rest when needed rather than trying to 'work through it' ... if condition/symptoms persist, or do not seem to recover in a reasonable time, consider seeking professional consult ...

At your age, quite possibly a wear issue, especially if intensive sport/athletic involvement your entire life, and never having any monitoring or repair work done ... I am 60 now, played baseball (catcher) and hockey (goalie) all my life well up into adulthood, and body took a major beating ... was involved in construction work almost all my adult life, and 40's-50 did several competitions as a (natural) body builder ...

Right shoulder has been completely rebuilt, so I am very careful how I use it, and both knees are junk, but oddly enough, the right forearm seems to be the problem area for me with DG... so bad that while I am trying to let it recoup, I have been throwing LHBH (normally RHBH) ... if you were ever a right handed batting baseball player, this is not as much of a stretch as it seems, and after just a couple weeks, I am almost throwing as far LHBH as I was RHBH ... consider trying this while letting your right shoulder rest ...

In effort of full disclosure, I was certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer and in Sports Nutrition back in my 40's, but certs' expired years ago ... if you are concerned about the re-occurence of your condition, or feel a preventative look is a wise choice, always consult your medical professional of choice ...

Try lefty though, it is kind of eye opening on how discs react and form works from the other side... it has helped me understand flight characteristics better seeing it from both sides ...

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