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Originally Posted by discspeed View Post
The fact that these exist means something, and it's a good something I think. People must be showing up at sporting goods stores and asking about disc golf. It makes Innova's 3 packs of old dx discs look great.

I agree. These wouldn't be a mass market item for sale at Toys R Us and Wal-Mart if people weren't interested in them.

These might be ok for a brand new player, or maybe a younger kid, but as I mentioned these are WAY too understable for even middle of the road amateur like me. I just hope that a beginner or a kid that finds these doesn't get discouraged by them.

It's too bad. I really did like the names.
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Old 05-03-2014, 03:19 PM
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I can't wait for the Aeorobie 3-pack with an Epic, Ring and Arrow to start showing up in stores.
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Its a shame that they are crap(though not unexpected) the names and stamps aren't bad. Would have been quite fitting for an Albatross to be a very long stable larger diameter driver.
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I would bet that these are the same as the Halex discs-

The driver and " midrange " are garbage, the putter is the best disc in the set, but that isn't saying much.
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Originally Posted by Voice of Reason View Post
these are for the ever important barrel roll throw.

Exactly. Throw it on a steep hyzer. Watch it do a full barrel roll.
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Old 05-17-2014, 08:15 PM
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Well, Cumberland, MD has apparently hit the big time. I just saw this set of discs in our Walmart last week. It's funny, considering that there are no courses in town. I have my 9 hole private course, and there are two baskets on a church property and that's it. But we can get discs. I guess that's a good thing. Now if I can just get a course installed around here.
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Default I'm a newbie and I have a set of these

At first, I blamed the discs. A month later, I'm making some progress and I have tried some other discs and I like the Franklins. Mine are almost certainly rubber. Maybe they changed them ?

The driver & the midrange appear identical other than color. They seem to throw similar too.

I got an innova cobra dx midrange and I did not like it. It was 172 or 174 and I blamed it on the weight. So I got an innova skeeter dx midrange, its only 150 and I like it even less. It seems to curve sooner than my rubber discs. And worse than the cobra did. I ordered from Walmart.com and you cant really choose your weight, they lump them all together from 150-164 so you don't know what you will get in that range. And I read that you want to stick with lightweights as a newbie. The franklins are 160, 160 and 167.

Initially I started with no runup at all but I was having a real problem with distance so I started a runup that was backwards but it got me a little more distance. Recently, I started the x step and at first I lost my distance but now Ive got it back. Still not very far. I play on a fairly new 12 hole course. I can get par sometimes on the first 8 holes. The last 4 are the longest and I struggle terribly with 3 of the last 4. (Takes me 5-6 shots for a par 3 and its demoralizing. For awhile there I was just playing the first 7-8 twice)

I guess Ive been playing about 5 weeks now. I picked up a $14.99 academy bag last week. I was using a blue 50 cent Walmart grocery bag. I tend to throw 2-3 discs per hole although I think maybe I should get away from that and start valuing my throws more and play more rounds ?

The good news is Ive been pretty consistent about playing at least 5-6 days a week and I think Ive lost about 15-20 pounds. Not sure exactly as I didn't weigh myself when I started. Losing another 15-20 around the midsection would be nice but I'm not holding my breath. I mostly play alone and that's fine with me. Tonight for the first time, I had a group ahead of me and a guy behind me and I didn't like that so I cut out at 18 holes rather than pushing thru 24 which I sometimes do.

Anyway, back to my Franklins, I find myself liking them better than the Innovas. They seem more stable to me. And I'm used to the rubber.

Several people have told me to get rid of them but I don't see how they are hurting me. I think they are 2 identical mid range and a decent putter. I see no reason to spend more for more discs when I'm so new at it anyway.

I had someone give me a discraft buzz 1.71 driver that someone lost and I don't do any better with it than I do my franklins.
I need to take it out of my bag because I don't use it.

I figure I will give it another month or so and then maybe look to buy a driver of some sort. I don't see the need to throw a ton of money at discs because I'm sure my game needs lots of improvement as it is.

Should I keep the skeeter or return it for a heavier one ? Ive read good things about it but for me, its clearly inferior to the Franklins and the Cobra I tried before it. And I thought the Cobra might have been too heavy at 174.

I ordered the discs from Walmart ship to store since they don't carry them at any of the stores locally. Academy does but they cost more. $10 versus $6ish. The Franklins were $9.86 for the set of 3.

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Old 08-07-2017, 04:46 AM
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Could you post some pictures of the discs? Top, underside, profile, etc.?

Also, what distance are you throwing these? If you are throwing less than 125', you will probably find these discs to work OK for you as a bit more speed is needed to get a Cobra or Skeeter to work. However, they have more distance potential (275' +) where the Franklins will turn over if thrown too hard.

Keep the Skeeter and Cobra. Look at some low-speed discs (Polecat, Birdie, Sonic, Claws, APX, Putt'r, Rattler, Beetle, etc.) and see if one of those works well for you as you practice. The Polecat tends to be the most recommended at that speed.
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I agree on keeping the Skeeter and Cobra. as you progress and your form gets better, I suspect they will work better for you. the Franklin discs wear out and fall apart quickly too. the Innova stuff will last longer and fly more consistently for you over time.
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My $0.02: if you've found DGCR and are posting here, then you are past the point where Franklin Discs are worth throwing; IOW you are too good for Franklin Discs. Try an Innova or DD starter pack.

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