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Default Throwing anhyzers

I've picked up something that is making me turn the disc over to the right about 30% of the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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likely a combination of different problems from grip to shoulder/body alignment. What discs and how far of a distance does this happen at?

Read here for some info: https://www.dgcoursereview.com/dgr/r...ht.shtml#right

OAT will be thrown around as the culprit which stands for off axis torque and relates to my first sentence. Do you grip the disc properly?

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One too many tree hits on your fav driver?
Grip changed?
Could be a few different reasons........ a video or some still shots might help nail it down.
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sounds like a follow through problem, some ppl try to put extra spin on an understable disc. Let the plastic do the work. Try consciously reaching towards ur target on ur follow through, like ur trying to touch a spot in the air. Should help take that tinny extra spin we accidently add at the last second
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As said above, follow through, grip and also wrist roll can play a factor. When you release, if you're rolling your wrist over if can cause you to turn the disc over. Its covered in the Will Shusterick clinic video
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Wrist roll was my biggest problem. When I stand a little straighter to pull the disc on an annie line, I just couldn't get it out of my head that I needed to some how help it along. If I don't calm down and think about it before I throw, I still do it at times.
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Is it with all discs? I would think you reach back and pull through is the issue. Try to keep the left edge lower while keeping the nose down.
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Thanks for the input. I'm thinking right off I may be trying to impart a bit too much spin. I will try that first and work my way through all of your suggestions. I think I may be taking HUBs' advice in disc 6 to 12 o'clock orientation to extreme. Yes it is with all discs, which are understable.
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Whew! When I first came to disc golf, I really plunged into it. One of the interesting things was learning the terminology and then being immediately disappointed by the "drift" that the terminology was suffering from.

Anhyzer - a "wing up" angle of the disc on release.

Hyzer - a "wing down" angle of the disc on release.

Fade or "Low Speed Fade" - The left turn of a disc thrown RHBH as it slows, an overstable disc fades earlier. Distinguished from Hyzer in that it is not dependant on the release angle and occurs in the last part of the disc's flight.

Turn, Turnover or "High Speed Turn" - The right turn of an understable disc thrown RHBH. Distinguished from Anhyzer by the fact that the disc changes course to the right whereas an Anhyzer throw starts the disc on a right turning line.

All these terms suffer from common misuse.

Then there is "OAT," which is a term for the force applied to the disc that causes it to wobble but which many misuse to describe an early turn caused by an overly nose-down and possibly slightly anhyzer release.

Hyzer is often misused to describe fade, i.e., "hyzering out."

Anhyzer is often misued to describe turnover (see the title of this thread and original post).

BTW, the more spin that you impart on a disc, all other things being equal, the less turn you will get out of that disc. This is due to gyroscopic stability. The less spin you impart on a disc, the more turn you will get. Similarly, a top wobbles and exhibits the effects of precession more when it slows down.

To the OP, if you are rolling your wrist over and causing an anhyzer and overly nose down release, that will cause your disc to start turning left almost immediately upon release. This has nothing to do with "OAT." If the disc isn't wobbling when you release it, no "OAT" was involved. The early turn may be from trying to impart too much spin, depending on what you are doing to try to do that, but it is not actually caused by any additional spin.
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