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Old 09-25-2017, 02:34 PM
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I wonder if weight is critical for how Fission holds up. All my 160g+ Fission discs (Volts, Teslas, and Photons) have all held up well. The Teslas and Photons seems to beat in a bit quicker compared to Fission Volts. Most of my Fission Volts I would classify as pretty firm with only a little of give to the flight plate. Any Fission below 150 beats in faster and goes towards the US side much faster. The flight plates are also softer and appear a bit thinner. They also tend to bubble and warp with harder hits to trees or the ground. The Photons and Teslas that I have below 140g are really squirrley yet fun to throw, but I haven't given them enough course time to figure them out. The only sub 160g Fission I bag is a 145g Fission Teslas. It is hyzerflips easily and holds a great Left to Right shot. It takes the slot in my bag that I had for a Virus before. I wonder if most of this has to do with the type of plastic and the ratio between the rim and the flight plate. The sub-150g Fission discs appear to me to have a bit more of the gyroscopic effect with less effort. I remember when I first threw MVP, I was less convinced of the gyro affect. Through the years and countless rounds, my game and throwing have improved. Now I can appreciate how these discs work, but it does require a bit more rotational force when throwing (I guess what most people call SNAP). The couple of 130's g Teslas and Photons I have bomb but are not good in headwinds or any release at full power.
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Don't know about weight, but I finally had an MVP disc take some retirement-worthy damage, and it was my Fission Photon. Had a drive clip a tree and take a huge chunk out of the rim. Pretty much unusable now. It wasn't even that hard of a hit. Strange, because I've blasted some trees dead-on with my Fission Volts & they've survived.
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Old 09-26-2017, 02:39 PM
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That's strange. Ive never had any chunk type damage from a tree with any of my MVP discs. Concrete/basket/rock damage, yes. My fission photon was bought on release day and besides the 3 or 4 months it spent in a lost and found, it has been in my bag ever since. No damage or plate warpage and I've hit plenty of things, including hitting the sharp thin edge on the side of a hard plastic pallet.
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Old 09-29-2017, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by funguy View Post
For me, Fission is both the most frustrating and best plastic that MVP puts out. Of all the molds they use it in, the Volt is the most consistent. Almost all of the Fission Volts that I have thrown and seen have been pretty flat with little to no shoulder. They also have a higher PLH compared to all runs of Neutron Volts. They also make it in most restrictive weight range compared to Teslas and Photons that can go all the way down to the mid-130s. The Fission plastic on the Volts is also much firmer compared to other Fission plastics. I have some Telsas and Photons that are super gummy compared to some Fission Volts that are hard as rocks.

In terms of flight, I find the Fission Volts to be more OS than even my 170g Proton Volts that had been the most OS I had thrown up to that point. FOR ME, (yes AIM I am sure you will have some grainy video of you throwing some Volts), I would rank the stability of Volts in plastics as such: from most OS to least Fission Volt, Eclipse Volt, Proton Volt, Neutron Volt, Plasma Volt Electron Volt, FR Neutron Volt. Now this is when they are new, Fission does beat in quicker than most other plastics, however, the stiffness of the Fission in the Volt mold makes them retain that for much longer than I have found in Teslas or Photons that can loose it very quickly (I warrant that to the stiffness of the plastic). That being said, they season to fill in OS spot along with the Proton Volts but still a tick more OS compared to Neutron. I do have to say that the grip of Fission is amazing, even when they are wet.

On the downside, Fission can deform. I have not found that with any of the Volts I have thrown and had tree hits with. I have seen Teslas and Photons that have bubbly flight plates but not so with Volts yet.
I have found Neutron and Eclipse to be much more stable than Fission Volts, which go dead straight -- or even turn a bit -- with a small but reliable fade.
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