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Default Skip shot plastics and molds.

Hey hey.

I know some of you play the skip shot. Company loyalties aside...

Which plastic skips most/best?

Which plastic skips worst/least?

What molds do you like? From what I've seen and thrown, fat and blunt rimmed fairway to higher speed OS discs skip most/best, e.g. Whippet and FL from Innova (I use both).

Perhaps a skippy midrange?

What say you?
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Best I find depends on the ground. Champ and Star type plastics seem to do the best for me in short grass and hard pack dirt.

I've never gotten any good skips from any vibram discs.
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Champ Whippets and Champ Firebirds are my best skippers.
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I use a half beat champ FB for long approach/drive skips, the champ Banshee for mid-length approach skips and a Pro Pig for upshot shorter skips.

The stiffer plastic the better.
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I can only speak for Discraft, but Nuke OS, Force, Buzzz OS, and Zone are all molds I may throw for intentional skip shots, both BH and FH. All in Z plastic.
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I use an Opto Scythe (Lat64) and a Liquid Vein (Salient) when I want an intentional skip. The Scythe works really well for line drive thumbers to big forward skips. Just have to stick that initial landing. To answer your queries:

Which plastic skips most/best? Any sort of Champion/Z/Opto plastic skips really well. The non-gummy versions, that is. Gummy Champ, FLX Z, Elasto, etc. don't skip very well. MVP Neutron can be useful for skips (used to bag the Motion as a utility disc and used it for that on occasion) but it won't get a high skip.

Which plastic skips worst/least? The absolute worse would be whatever the heck Blowflys are made out of. Barely second to that is Vibram Soft. Any sort of softer baseline plastic really won't skip. Stiffer baseline will skip, but it destroys the rim of the disc.

What molds do you like? From what I've seen and thrown, fat and blunt rimmed fairway to higher speed OS discs skip most/best, e.g. Whippet and FL from Innova (I use both). Aside from the two I bag, I've used the Motion, flat Firebirds, Vipers and Goldline XXX. All work really well for this specialty shot, it's just what feels best in your hand.

Perhaps a skippy midrange? I can't really dial it in with my Z Buzzz OS, but I've only tried it three times at most. Maybe when the snow melts I'll try it some more and see if I can make it work. In general though, drivers work best because you need that inherent speed, thrown low, to get a good skip. The bigger the rim, the bigger the skip.
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Originally Posted by Questatement View Post
The stiffer plastic the better.
^^definitely true. Champ style plastics seem to work best.

Depends if you're wanting a high jumping skip or several low skips to make a corner. FB is always a good choice, for low skips that take two or three hops I bag a glo champ boss on occasion. If you want a high skip to turn a corner an hop over an obstacle like a log then use something super over stable like a stiletto, ape or nuke OS, I've gotten some big flares out of them going 15 ft high on the skip. As far as Mids that skip my drone does a little, and my gremlin will if thrown with hyzer.
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For bigger skips that go further id say the stiffer plastic will work best.

This is definitely the case with my 750 H1 vs my 400 H1. The 400 is soft and gummy and doesnt get much of a skip (it definitely will skip, but not anywhere near as much as the 750) but that can be a good thing too.. depending on the shot/landing you need.
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My biggest skipper is an opto XXX
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Slick plastic, overstable mold, wide rim. The more of any of those you have, the more skip you'll get. A C-PD2 is the skippiest disc in my bag, though I'll use pretty much all of my drivers for different kinds and sizes of skips.
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