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I went for a fully loaded tourney setup field workout tonight and had three MSs to compliment my Z Buzzz and BuzzzOS for mids.

I recently dropped the Dan Howard spin/brainwave in the bag to replace the slot of my former stable flier (top right blue) which now covers hyzer flips and turns over on flat throws. My third is a AMS beat to turnover with no thought of fade unless you throw it over 50' high.

Pic for the Love thread:
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threw one of these in standard plastic this weekend... straightest mid I have ever thrown.

Laser straight 300' Line.
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Wow, if you want an OS QMS throw a new run Sparkle Q.
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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
Wow, if you want an OS QMS throw a new run Sparkle Q.
O rly?
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The QMS with the microbead is the best option for an OS QMS IMO. Very dependable straight to fade lines.
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What's the status of the QMS mold? I heard that they went back to no bead and that the microbead was limited to a run or two. Anyone know for sure?
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Micro bead was present on the 1.8 run and had flat tops. Don't think they admit to it but the tops match up with my shark3's. Fairly stable run.

Haven't seem any 1.9's (current run) but they are said to be flat (I assume shark3 tops) and no longer have the micro bead. I suspect the 1.8's will be the only ones with the micro bead.
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The newest run is flat with no bead. Hopefully they keep the 1.8 mold around in some fashion...
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Just got 2 Aurora MS's yesterday from Marshall street. One QMS, one Sirius.
The QMS is the 1.8 run. Nice and flat, micro-bead, no flashing. Flew awesome. On hyzer it would flip to flat, turn a little, and had a little fade. I am totally in love with the thing, got 2 more coming.
The Sirius though, was super domey, and had sharp nasty flashing all the way around. Flew similar to the QMS, but it was weird. Seemed to glide less, didn't get as far.

Definitely go the QMS route.
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Bringing this one back around again. I was at one of the local shops yesterday and snagged a new run of the Aurora in the standard plastic. This thing is table top flat and man does it feel good in the hand. The plastic is a little softer than previous Auroras I've owned, but it still flies magically straight. I sure with Innova would bring back the stiffer pro plastic. When I got home, I decided to do some digging on this new run and here's a couple things I found...just in case you were wondering.

** The Aurora MS got the "3" treatment a while back due to the previous few runs coming out really domey. All runs from here on out will be ran with the "3" top to keep them flat.

** The 1.8 run of the QMS has the microbead and is flat topped. This is the only run that will have the microbead. The microbead was supposed to be implemented for all runs going forward after the 1.8, but it sounds like that's not going to happen.

FYI, if you get one with the super sharp flashing on it, just remove it. I've experienced no huge change in flights for this mold when removing the flashing. Also, after my round yesterday, I went home and ordered up a Q and an S to go with my standard. I completely forgot how great this disc flies. I was even able to throw this thing sidearm and park a 290 ft hole in the process.

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