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Default Elevated basket

I know this has been discussed before, I did some searching. But I am really looking for some design plans to elevate a basket. The hole is 350' tunnel shot through the woods to an opening. I attached a picture which is taken directly behind the basket facing the tee pad. Elevating the basket will give the player an eye on the basket and also add some risk/reward to an upshot. If you go long past the basket now it does go down hill but it is not very steep.

If anyone has any plans or designs I'd love to see them, I have some ideas like using 4x4s braced together and getting a longer pole to attach the basket too. Any other ideas? I have seen some pictures but it isn't exactly clear how well they have held up over the years. I definitely want it too be safe, and also appealing to players. Thanks for your help!

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I will have to try to find some pictures for you, but Blue Ribbon Pines #26 is a landscapers' dream when it comes to elevating a basket. It would require a enormous rocks.

Otherwise courses have used stumps or placing them in the trees; this can usually add about two to four feet of height, but that does not look like an option here as you have the basket in the open.

At a local small course, they just built up a mound of dirt, packed it down, and seeded it (to hold the mound). It created a quick elevation rise that ultimately was no more than 15 to 20 feet in diameter but raised the basket up by five feet.

I do not know how vandalism is in your area, but I have seen baskets placed on top of platforms like mini-decks/ balconies or on top of stands that you would use for hunting. It obviously looks very artificial and will upset a few people, but if it looks professional, it could become a marquee hole or very photogenic. It will also be a vandal magnet.

I am not sure how it would work here in this instance without making it look like a torture device, but I have also seen hanging baskets. Personally I do not like this idea, but again it adds that extra flare to the course to help distinguish it from other courses in the area.
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i loved playing this hole - very tricky! any old stumps near by?

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Hole 3 at Basil in Rochester. I think they've redone it with railroad ties since this picture was taken. Either way, it looks cool but I find it annoying to play.
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We used a 3-foot well tile and filled it with gravel and concrete to elevate one of our baskets. Well tiles can be a bit expensive (quick price check showed $150-170 for a 3-footer), but they're solid and aren't going to be susceptible to destructive vandals (they could add graffiti, I guess). You could always bury it by building up a mound around it, or terrace it with 4x4s and backfill.

Here's a pic of our results...

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build a box with landscaping timbers. fill with dirt, dig out a hole for the pole, fill with concrete. BOOM! easy elevated basket.

for something taller or more visually appealing, it gets harder. and you also have to make it safe and easily accessible to retrieve the disc. so stairs or a ladder of some kind are needed.
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Mounds? Stumps? Why not both? Here's one from the Mohawk course here in Indiana.

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Hole 1 @ Scarboro Hills. Has the club logo painted on it and on the side it says:

two of our bigger events.
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I'm partial to the way Hornet's Nest elevated #9.

Here's Sugah Creek #6. Same concept.

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Portland Park Hole 5

Camp Jordan Hole 15
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