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Arrow Disc Gator Giveaway!

The guys at Disc Gator were cool enough to send me a prototype of their disc retriever a while back. I played with it and after it easily saved my discs a few times (while I stayed nice and dry), I became a fan of the device and wanted to give some away on DGCR. I'll be giving 2 away on the site, one on Facebook and one on Instagram. Before you ask, no, you can't win more than one! And hey, maybe some other stuff will find it's way into the box, who knows?

I thought it might be fun to have the entry requirement be to share one of your more interesting disc retrieval stories, photos or videos (or a mix of the three). Or maybe a story about a disc that was unretrievable after you grip locked it into a pit full of lions and snakes, an odd but fairly common hazard in Upstate NY.

I'll go through, read them and pick my two favorites. Sound good? Good!

The giveaway ends on 3/4 at midnight EST.
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Sounds like an awesome product, and thanks for allowing us the chance to win them! I lost faith in the golden retriever...
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I still remember my first lost disc. This was before I even heard of disc golf. I had just turned 13 and was on a cross-country road trip with my family. For my birthday, I had just gotten a very cool frisbee. Up until then, I was used to just throwing around the cheap plastic giveaway frisbees, so to have an actual real frisbee was pretty cool.

We were staying at a small motel in Abilene, TX. My brother and I were outside throwing my new frisbee around when it got away from me and landed on the roof. We tried everything we could to get it down, but alas, that motel roof became it's final resting place (for me at least).
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Well, I have no interesting stories, so I guess I'll just have to wait until the price goes down.
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The flex in the pole ~1:26 doesn't give me a ton of confidence. Looks like a cool product though, if it holds up.
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I play the Beaver Island course on Grand Island fairly regualry during the summer. Last summer there was construction on the sewage drains. One of the drains was covered by a piece of ply wood near a fairway. Of course, there was hole big enoug for a disc to roll into. I thought to myself it would be funny if a a disc ended up in there. Well, I took one of my friends out to play for his first or second time and of course he threw the disc into the hole. It was quite the adventure trying to lower myself in the hole without touching the bottom becuase I did not know what was in there. Though I did successfully retieve the disc.
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A course in my hometown borders some houses backyards. I threw a disc over some dudes fence. I asked him to toss it back to me, he said give me 5 bucks and I will. I told him that I didn't have 5$, and he said well looks like I'm keeping it. I said you're kidding right?! He wasn't kidding...complete douche. Told him to **** off and shove the disc up his ass.
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I missed the "Story" part.

The very first disc I lost was actually from an up-shot that sailed WAAAAY past the basket (damn you GL Fuse Glide) and ended up in the DISGUSTING stagnant water at Riverside Park. Considering I'd never lost a disc at that point, and the fact that fuse was the FIRST deal I'd ever done here on DGCR (rest it's poor, plastic soul) and It was my most accurate and frequently used mid for upshots I had to get it back.

Well, 30 minutes of wading in the worst smelling water around produced nothing for me except a foot I sliced open and was drawing in probably the most bacteria filled water imaginable. I only stopped searching for the disc because I was afraid of my foot be amputated from such disgusting exposure.

To recap, I lost my favorite mid that day, as well as a pair of shorts that weren't fit for anything after that wade aside from burning and I retained an awesome smell the entire ride home.

Not saying that the gator would have helped in that situation, but I would SURELY love to avoid such cases in the future!
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Hole number 2 at Schenley in Pittsburgh, Pa. Now if you are familiar at all with this park, this seems impossible. It's a wide open downhill bomber hole with a street that wraps around to the top of the hill (deemed overlook hill). Well a couple of us were throwing off some drives and l pulled out a disc that one of the "local pros" (read huge arm and great player, but not actually a pro) had never heard of this newer company "latitude 64" and asked to toss my disc. I, of course, have no problem with such a request. He just rips it clean and at a slight hyzer. Of course those of us who know what a latitude river is, will know that someone who bombs 450+ on a regular basis probably shouldn't go full force on a river. It flips up, turns over and rides an Anny all the way down the hill to the street where it just started to fade back to flat... right into the gutter. No skip on the road. Just an extremely loud CRACK from the full impact of the back of the gutter. Which is apparently a huge pit that goes a seemingly endless distance downwards into the hill. Never saw that beautiful lavashift again.

Heck of a bullseye though.

Heres a link to the picture though: http://www.dgcoursereview.com/media....06&mode=media#

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I had a really sketchy experience just the other day. I had just gone out and picked up a brand new ESP force that I was loving after just 4 throws. So I come up to this beautiful 415' drive along a magnificent winding river that is covered in slushy ice. I know there is no way I'm hitting the river with this brand new disc so I line her up and let 'er rip. Well all the turn that I was getting on previous throws was non existent and I ended up rippin off a huge hyzer bomb into the very middle of that gorgeous slushy river. Singing the happy song of the lost disc tribe I wander over to the closest entry point and contemplate how much I like that disc and how badly I want to possibly go for a freezing cold river swim. I decide I really like the disc and work up the courage to take the first step onto the ice. My foot promptly squishes 6" into the slush and stops on (hopefully) solid ice. I decided with one foot already soaked I might as well go for gold and begin the awkward shuffle/waddle 30' onto the ice /slush to retrieve that beautiful disc. Halfway back I find a soft spot and my left leg drives through the ice up to my knee. I swore at that moment I would soon be on the local news "idiot falls through ice over a $15 frisbee". Luckily the rest of the ice held and I wiggled my leg out of the hole and crawled the rest of the way to the bank. Once back on safe land I count my blessings and run back to my car before I lose my foot. Man I love disc golf.
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