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Anything 6' or more and I'm already probably missing
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Really good advice from you guys so far, enjoying reading.

Not to hijack the thread but something that I've struggled with while practicing is sticking with one form and routine. I'll go out one day, do my normal thing for 30 minutes and make most of my putts and feel good about it, then the very next day using the same exact techniques for 30 minutes it seems like I can't even hit metal!

Surely this is purely mental, could be that I'm rushing it a bit more than I did the day before, not sure but where I make my worse mistake is I feel like I need to change something so I change styles or form until I'm making everything again and build my confidence back up, then same thing happens all over, I go out the next day and can't tag metal to save my life.

My struggle is sticking to the same routine every time no matter what and just accept that I will have days where I'm ON IT and days where I just need to go back inside and relax.

Sorry for the long post and OP, hope you are able to start making those shorter ones again real soon, I feel your frustration, I can make those 15 footers all day in my back yard on perfectly flat ground with no wind and nobody watching but as soon as it's go time in a tourney I flubb them at the ground, lol.

Broken Shoulder, great advice, thanks for that.
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You do need a routine. Its like shooting free throws. Every good free throw shooter has a routine, and its the same every time. I think everyone putts better during practice, but the more you compete, the easier it is to just relax, focus, and make the putt.
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The most important thing for me when practicing putting is that I make the putt. Im pretty good from 8m on the course, but when I Train I also do alot of putts from 3-4m, just because I need to throw putts that og in. I learn very little from missing putts. And if you are unsure from Shorter distances, make sure you putt througt the basket and not turn Down Your Power that much. Try to make it more like a 20 ft putt.
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My trouble distance is 10' and out. I can't putt too well, but got good approaches :P
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Ah, the psyche-out. We all tend to do it and it always ends up getting us on those short putts. The problem is all in the mind... when you start thinking about something then it becomes over-analyzed and clogs up your thoughts which in turn messes up your shot. You must be zen in disc golf. Don't think- feel. It's all muscle memory and you just have to do it without thinking.

Over-thinking over-analyzing separates the body from the mind
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I practiced two ways last summer and improved greatly. As long as I am mentally focused, I find a traditional fall off of success, the farther away from the basket. There was a point where 20' to 25' was a very difficult area. At 15', I would be 10/10. Move out to 20' and it would plumet to 3/10. Part of it came down to a putter change, part of it came down to transitioning to needing more leg spring to push the disc. The rest was just work, some just solid practice and the rest mental.

A key to keeping the practice fun was a iPhone App called 'Driven 1025'. There have been some not so nice words about the PDGA rag on this forum so I hesitate to mention it. There was a good article last year by Mr. Papas about putting. I used many of his ideas to continue to mix it up. I will work hard again this summer to improve further.

Purely my two cents and what worked for me.
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I have a basket at home that I haven't used in months. Now my putting has suffered. Go figure.

I'd say +20' is trouble.
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I start to be concerned when the putt is 20 foot and beyond. I make the majority of anything inside of that if I have a clear shot at he basket.

I only wish my drives were as accurate as my putting.

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If you can hit 20 footers but have problems with 10 footers, I suggest practicing only 10-15 footers for a week or two. It is the Yips, and totally mental. I had the same problem for a month or two, but got it out of my system.

Personally, I do much more of a push/lob putt for those gimme ranges. 15 and out I do a modified spush putt, but for the gimme range I'll often just push putt to take the right and left out of it.
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