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Default Having trouble with my drives (coming back from an tendinitis)

I have been battling golfers and tennis elbow for the past 3 months and havent been playing alot of stroke play golf as of late (doubles once a week). I have severely lost a bunch of distance on my higher speed drivers (12 speed and up), as I can only push them out about 375-400 now where I was getting about 450_460, and these were on golf lines not max distance.

Now I can live with 375-400 as this is enough distance to still be competitive out on the courses but I am much more comfortable throwing my speed 9 and 10 drivers as they are producing the same distance with a more consistent flight paths. Now what is quite odd to me is that I am getting my mids and putters out further than ever before. I can push my Fusion Judges out to a comfortable 270 on super straight line (not turning them at all) and my Truths are flying an average of 330-360, again on golf lines and not max distance. I have my Fuse and Suspect to fill the gaps in distances between Judges and Truths. I have a very clean release with alot of snap in my throw but have always struggled getting my arm speed up to snuff.

So, if anyone that has had these problems in the past have any drills or figured out any reasoning for the loss of distance on drivers but an increase on the distance of thier mids any of your insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Technique-wise, I can't help you. But, I too have had issues with Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow. While I can feel some tenderness in the area periodically, I have encountered a few things that prevent full blown relapse:
  1. Tone down the field work. Rest between throws is so important, ripping full power drives back to back to back is tough on the body.
  2. Try a looser grip (during the windup, reach back etc) and only clamp down at the hit point.
  3. Warm up and loosen up before rounds.

These things have helped me a ton. Good luck!
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My guess would be that you are trying to spin the disc too much instead of throwing it/leveraging it more like a hammer as far as possible(it will spin). Trying to spin will put more stress on your joints as well as not directing more momentum out that drivers need as they are more like simple projectiles compared to mids and putters that will fly more.

Gripping too hard early will also cause tendonitis. Try a flex bar to help tendonitis.
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