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Default Returning a disc - ettiquette question

I lost a disc a few weeks ago (on a Saturday) playing in Napa, CA. I searched for about 15-20 minutes with no sight of the disc anywhere. I wrote it off as a lost cause, finished the round and headed out. The following Thursday, I received a text message saying "I found your disc". I had just finished a round at my local course and had to check my bag to see if I left one there. When they were all accounted for, I replied to the text with "light blue sidewinder? Hole 14, Napa?" It came back positive for the missing plastic. I was relieved and thanked the guy for finding it. He responded with "I will leave it at the gate, no problem". I was going to be heading that was in a few days anyway and getting my plastic back was going to be awesome.

That Saturday, I was headed to Napa to get my disc. I decided to call before I drove all the way there to make sure it was indeed returned. No sign of the disc at the gate. I asked the guy if he dropped it off, he was not able to since it was closed when he finished his round. I delayed my trip to Napa to get the disc until this past weekend. I was playing Golden Gate Park in SF and was going to be going by Napa on the way home. I reached out to the guy, once again, and he said he would be dropping it at the gate after work that day. I finshed my round and called the course again....no disc returned.

Once again, I texted him to see where it was and how I could get it back. He said, "hey can you just meet me in Downtown Napa, I ain't going out to the park to drop it off."

I told him that it was too much hassle to get it back after he found it and he could just keep it, which I think was his intention to begin with.

My question: What is the proper ettiquette for returning a disc once you have reached out to the owner and said where and when you would be leaving it or meeting to pick it up?
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Most times when stories like this are posted the OP just wants everyone to agree with their side of the story....

...plus this topic does not last long around here.
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You are pretty much at the mercy of the that found it
It's not his fault you lost it, or should he have to go too far to get it back to you.
I always feel lucky to know he called and you know where it's at.
At least he didn't just keep it.
Try and work out a meet up, if not, oh well.
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I'm a believer that the "collector" of the lost disc should be willing to take on all of the effort of getting the disc back. A "returner" should never have to expend resources (ie. drive to a location, go out of their way), although they can. For this case, if the "returner" is never going to play at that course or drive-by it, they shouldn't have to return it there.
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In before the Landfill.
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Originally Posted by bhadella View Post
I'm a believer that the "collector" of the lost disc should be willing to take on all of the effort of getting the disc back. A "returner" should never have to expend resources (ie. drive to a location, go out of their way), although they can. For this case, if the "returner" is never going to play at that course or drive-by it, they shouldn't have to return it there.
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Any time I've gotten a call from someone out of state who found my disc, and I wanted the disc back, I've sent them a bubble mailer, with a return address label, stamps, and usually a little legal tender reward enclosed. All they have to do is seal it up, apply the label and stamps, and drop it off at the P.O.

Their obligation ended at making the phone call, so I feel it imperative to make the rest of the return process as easy for those folks as possible.
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It is a touchy subject. Some people believe you should be happy to bend over backwards to return discs. Others are just happy if you put it in a lost and found, or a hidden spot on the course and text.

I find lots of discs because I play in the early morning. My preferred method is to leave it at the snack shack where there is a lost and found and then text the person. But now I also got my local club's Facebook site where locals will post "I lost this disc". If I see one of theirs I will make arrangements over facebook.

But sometimes I'm just lazy and leave it there, especially if the phone number is out of town.
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Clearly if you want it back you need to be doing the driving and legwork. Gas and time cost money.

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If I find someone's disc on the course with a name and #, I text/call them. If we make contact while I am on the course, I will find a nice place to "hide" it and let them know where it is. If they are not local or don't get back with me while I am still at the course, they take on the responsibility of getting their disc back. I'll mail it to you but you'll have to cover my expense. etc. I don't try to make anything off of it, nor do I want someone else's plastic, I can easily buy my own and get the exact mold/color/weight I throw. If you wanted your disc back, you should get them to ship it to you after you send them a $5 spot to cover the expense. If all that is too much hassle, just tell them to hide it for you and text you the next time they play the course.................jb
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