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Default Why the Beato drill is so important.

I did the Beato drill when I was starting to try to learn to drive. It was hard, it felt strange, I didn't really learn to throw past 150' and I didn't fully grasp WHY this drill mattered.

If you're retooling / learning... I can't stress it enough: work the drill, I'd probably not have NEARLY the amount of issues to fix if I had stayed on it.

I know it sucks to toss a wounded duck... and to be honest, it's a little bit confusing the way Dan just RIIIPPPPS it from his chest, but when you're learning the drill, it's slow, slow, open, just getting the hand to actually guide the disc to the chest and end up on the outside with the elbow driven out front.

I think is much easier learning the beato drill on a 100' approach shot, where it's more about properly guiding the disc in, than shooting for big acceleration, that inevitably leads back to strong arming or early opening, both of which I struggle with still.

And here's the thing... the fractions of a second where your hand stays on the outside of the disc, they matter very much. By waiting with the hand on the outside to the latest spot you can, you're saying that your hand will have to travel further around the outside of the disc. And to go that distance in the same amount of time, your hand will have to speed up.

That's the funny thing about hand speed... it's the speed of the hand travelling about 10" - and coming in too fast to the start of that race might mean that you might lose all that race track!

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Good stuff! Keep it comin' !
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Seems like a really solid presentation of the Beato!
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Well, I think I know what I'm going back to now that I have 80 odd days before my next tournament. Back to the standstill!
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Originally Posted by 46YearOldSlinger View Post
Good stuff! Keep it comin' !
^^^What that guy said!
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I am so glad beto is getting noticed for his video. it was one of the first videos that truly helped.
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you post some really good stuff HUB. I like how you make it simple and provide videos with your points. keep up the great work!
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Nice job. You make some key points in there beside the obvious "pull late".

Keeping the hand on the outside of the disc as long as you can. I've found that I go even past the right pec. If I don't my elbow drops off and I roll my wrist sometimes or just go off plane.
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Kind of similar to Mike C's one-step drill.

I've been retooling my form, mostly guided by your posts, so keep it up. It's frustrating now because I don't yet have it dialed in and feeling natural so I don't have the snap I did a couple months ago. But I know that with the things I was doing wrong (not enough hips, early pull, etc) that I was at the ceiling. When I get it right I know there's a lot more distance waiting for me.

I love how you mentioned the different styles. I had been trying to emulate the Will Schusterick style from his videos and my body just isn't going to move like that. You've got to find the style that works for you, but realize the key things that apply to everyone. Physics wins every time.
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One thing you're touching on that is important for people to grasp is that you shouldn't be trying to throw the disc hard. You're mind shouldn't be focusing on pulling fast and ripping one because if that's your mindset you're going to lose focus on the small moment of acceleration that actually matters.

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