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Default Push Carts...Pros/Cons

I'm currently deployed and will have plenty of money to burn when i come home. I'm thinking about getting a push cart. What are some Pros and Cons. Also has anyone converted a golf push cart to a disc golf push cart? or have you built your own?
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For a relatively in shape person, I've never seen the need for a push cart. Bags with backpack straps or an actual backpack would carry everything I could need. Plus, the course had better have a lot of open space and/or nice paths for a cart to be handy. I play a redneck course that you'd have to carry the cart through ~80% of. But there are plenty of park courses where a cart would push easily.

That having been said, I thought the same thing about golf push carts until I got one.

I guess it really depends on what kind of shape someone is in, what kind of shape their back is in, what kind of courses they play, and how much gear they carry.
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stairs, sand and a roots suck.. that's about the only con'

I am in great shape and have no issue carrying a bag but you feel great not having to pick that sucker up and put it down over and over while hiking like a solider.

Save your back and cart it up. I am a new fan of them for sure and will be upgrading soon.
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I have a GoKart, jogging stroller and a backpak.
My home course is rather wooded, so roots make a few holes difficult, but not impossible.

If I want to practice throws with multiples (and I know the course will be empty) I'll take the GoKart, simply becasue I can roll 40+ discs if I choose.

But for normal rounds, I will use my Grip A-series. It actually HELPS keep my old back in shape to bend over, pick up and carry a full backpack of discs.
Who knew?

My favorite is the jogging stoller, but it doesn't have the capacity of the GoKart or the convenience and benefits of the backpack.
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I just built a pull cart. Aim's spot on. Stairs, sand, and roots (will add narrow bridges, too). Maybe it's because I carry a lot more on the cart than I ever did on my back, but climbing stairs carrying the cart is miserable. It's still preferential to bending over to grab and drag my bag between throws. My back is never sore anymore. It's also nice to have my discs at waist level.

I suffered from "they're only for old people" syndrome for a long time. I'm so glad I was finally cured. I bought mine used from PIAS and have about $25 total in it. Best money I've spent on disc golf equipment in a long, long time.
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I really like the backpacks, but also have a stroller. I recently purchased a jogging stroller on craigslist for $20 and the big hyzer peddler bag for $70. On a large course I love it! But it is definitely overkill for your average 18 hole course. Also, now that I moved to the Seattle area, I've got more elevation changes at the local courses, and haven't gotten a lot of use. I would personally recommend a bag first, and possibly a cart if you have extra funds.
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I want one of these bad boys they look pretty clean

The FB page shows him headed up a pretty rooted steep hill with decent success.

But when forced to choose I did end up going with a backpack style bag, as I don't always know what disc ill need when I'm in Santa Cruz and I'm 150' down a hill lol

I chose the Upper Park Designs Rebel btw and I'm super pumped just got it in!
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I have a built cart. Diy shelf my Grip sits on. Small box replaces what was clipboard pencil holder thingy. Box keeps keys and other small things handy. (I have issues putting things in my bag and then forgetting 3days later where I put them.)

Cons Same-roots, sand, and sideways hills suck as do stairs going up. Luckily I don't encounter a lot of this that makes my cart a nuisance. I have had one wheel attachment break, replaced with bolt $.55. My buddy with GoCart had typical. Popped tires like crazy. Slimed and special tubes and problem solved but extra expense and heavier. New carts for disc/ball golf or babies are expensive

Pros is that I can roll back to back rounds quicker and less body stress. Think that if you par 18 holes at par 3 you put on and off your bag 54+ times. if you are loaded with bag up that gets heavy. Easier to tote snacks and extra drinks. Sweatshirts and coats store easy in bottom of jogger. Easy to bring younger kid with you and jogger.

Just my thoughts. I play about 8-10 rounds a week and about half are with cart and half without. I would take cart every round but my daytime rounds I cannot bRing cart. Long story. Happy throwing.

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