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Wierd, no - funny, yes.

Playing with the chain gang, finishing up a round, hole #18 at La Mirada (back course) yesterday when we notice a family-type group, kids included, also playing to #18 from some other tee. Apparently all n00bs, nobody knows the course, "Hey, there's a basket - let's shoot for that one!"

So we're yelling at these people and they just don't get it. They're throwing their approaches now and we're yelling at them and all of a sudden, this 6-year-old girl picks up her disc and just SLAMS the chains from about 40 feet out!

O-kay then! WTG and ^5 and yay team! Go, kid - we'll see you in the 8-and-under girls division at Worlds, right???
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Saw a guy at Yulga playing with an old hubcap. CLANG!
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Took this pic a couple of years ago at Weatherford Disc Golf Park

In the fall you always have to watch out for people picking pecans on 18
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I haven't made it out to Weatherford yet, but it is on my wish list. Wish it wasn't two counties away.
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snake looks to have bitten off more than it can chew:

Parmalee Park DGC - Temperance, MI hole #4
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In the summer at Tyler you have to be very careful on hole 12 (the new course set up) down by Pin position C2. The are some pretty mean hawks that have their nest down their in the back trees. In 2008 I was throwing to the C2 position and my disc ended up just before the fairway splits going to the infamous basket in the trees position (C1). My disc happens to land right by a dead rabbit that obviously the hawks had intended to eat for lunch. I didn't see the rabbit at first but after the first hawk jumped off a top branch, did a fly by and nearly took my head off while making this horrible screeching noise did I notice the dead rabbit by my disc. I got "buzzed" by three different hawks all in different trees for at least 10 minutes straight. I couldn/t even go near my disc or one of the hawks would come flying down off a branch staright at me. Now mind you these weren't little hawks. Two of the hawks looked like they could snatch up a small child if they wanted too. After trying for 20 minutes to get my disc I just walked away and played the next three holes. After finishing what is now hole 15 (used to be hole 17), I snuck back in through the woods to hole 12 and snagged my disc before the hawks could figure out where I came from.
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"Dude. Is that a baby in the basket?" Was all my buddy could say.

Baby Ace?
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Originally Posted by KMaC View Post
That's why you need to yield to all of them. The right of way only matters after they hit you and the cops are there and you're in the ambulance. I was in an accident where a bicyclist literally hit my car. She was foreign, didn't know the rules of the road, and didn't think to signal before she made a left hand turn from the shoulder while I was going about 35 mph right next to her...

It was bad. I thought she was dead after she rolled over the roof of my car and bounced off the pavement three times. Fortunately there were a lot of witnesses that saw her hit me, but as a cyclist, it's your responsibility, as well as other drivers, to make sure you're aware of what's going on around you.
Well lucky for me I live in an area where biking is rather popular, but I still live out in the country so bikes aren't as common as in the city of Madison. Also I do check over my shoulder when making turns to make sure something like that doesn't happen. That doesn't mean I can't be afraid though, just like my friend who doesn't like roundabouts as he lives next to them and sees a lot of dumb stuff. Either way I consider it more the responsibility of the person in the car than the person on the bike just like with motorcycles, as they have more to lose with less protection. Though that doesn't mean I'd be on the bicyclist/motorcyclist's side if they did something to put themselves into harm like move in front of a car without signaling.
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Today during my second round I came up to the strangest group of 3 disc golfers I've ever seen!

There were 3 elderly (at least 70 probably 80 years old!) persons in the process of teeing off on hole 4. They each had 2 discs or so and had thrown about 40 feet when I walked up smiling. They told me I should go ahead because it was their first time ever playing!

They were all amazed that I could throw it to the basket (hole was under 200 feet lol) and asked me how I got "that good." I told them I have been playing for several years and that it's always nice to see new players out on the course! As I strolled off I couldn't help but grin as I told them to enjoy themselves...

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Now that is time well spent on the course.
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