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Kathrine Legge in Hinsdale IL has quite a few wedding there on the property. I don't mind cause there are usually tons of hot chicks around when a weddings going on.
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Originally Posted by blackcatsmith View Post
Saw a beautiful Luna moth at Watson Lakes. Thought it was dead, went to pick it up and it flew up into a Juniper. Magnificent creature.
I ate a moth the size of one of those this past weekend at my cousins stag party, I don't think it was a Luna moth, or at least I wasn't sober enough to notice...I also ate a pigs eyeball (pig roast) let's just say no one was happy I was the first person to use the bathroom the following morning

On topic:

Watched a red tail hawk swoop in an grab a squirrel on hole 2 at Basil-Marella. Got within like 10 ft of it as the hawk just jumped up about 6 inches in the air an then slammed the squirrel back down. You could hear the poor little fella squealing in death throes.
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had a staring match with a coyote at oakwood here in minnesota. it was actually initially just on the other side of some trees between hole 15 and hole 14, the one with the midget basket.


scared the **** outta me too. kinda just stood there thinking "okay, what do i do now?" he just trotted away, turned around and sat down, kept staring.

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We got a lot of rain in the twin cities recently and yesterday I saw a fish swimming through my fairway.
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Turn on to the path to hole 2 tee at centennial park in lawrence ks, a red-tailed hawk was sitting on the ground 15 ft away. we sat there and looked at a few minutes. very majestic. Its nuts how big hawks are intimidating. We got a good look and walked on.
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Ran into a brave Squirrel yesterday.

After picking up my drive and laying my marker down I noticed this Squirrel 10ft from me with a chesnut in it's mouth. He looked at me,but kept eating away. I went to putt and hit the chains pretty good,so it made a pretty loud noise. The Squirrel didn't even budge. Even when I went to pick my disc out of the basket he kept just eating away.

I said "Man, that is a brave Squirrel".
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A few I have seen. The hawk is holding a bird.
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Saw this little guy looking for a friends drive.

We also found a bunch of mud bugs (big ones!) on the fairway, and saw a skunk leaving the park.
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Last month I was searching for my disc in this bushy area of the Providence, UT course and almost stepped on a garden snake.

It got my heart running even though I knew I wasn't in danger of anything. I used to live in Texas so I share your feelings about rattle snakes MoonT4.
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david sauls can probably correct me/colaborate about the bird, but i saw a Hawk (may have been a red tail, it was really big) at Earlewood Park in Columbia SC 5 years ago at the Earlewood Classic. we had just finnished with our round and were hanging out in the Parking lot getting ready to leave. all of a sudden the Hawk swoops down just above our heads and grabs a smaller bird right out of the air. It then lands on top of one of the light poles in the parkling lot on one leg with the smaller bird still in its other claw. Then proceeds to have dinner right in front of us. the smaller birds feathers were falling like snow flakes. Crazy!
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