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Playing Tom Triplett in Savannah last month, and I'd already been warned to look out for copperheads. I'm setting up for a rescue shot out of the woods---a routine occurrence for me---and I hear a loud rustling in the underbrush around my feet, noisier than most creatures I'm familiar with, thankfully louder than copperheads tend to be.

I'm startled to have two fearless or clueless armadillos wander out, about 5' away. Strange critters when you don't see them on a regular basis. I had to keep stomping in their direction to run them off so I could throw into the woods on the other side of the fairway.
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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
I'm startled to have two fearless or clueless armadillos wander out, about 5' away. Strange critters when you don't see them on a regular basis. I had to keep stomping in their direction to run them off so I could throw into the woods on the other side of the fairway.
Armadillos don't see very well, and yes they're not very bright.
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There was an old pit bull on the course the other day. It didn't seem to belong to anyone there.
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Originally Posted by hophead View Post
A lot of people call them chiggers in the south.
Man, this is when a typo or auto-correct could really ruin your day.
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Saw this guy last year at Jones Park. Came out of the woods, sat on a hill and watched me throw. He took off, then reappeared a few holes later heading down to the pond to get a drink.


Kind of small photos, but when I tried to get closer he ran off. Closest I've been to a fox in the wild.
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I just got back from a week in Charlotte, NC. I'm generally pretty terrified of snakes and after reading about the copperheads that occasionally make an appearance I spent most of the time walking very slowly with my head down. Fortunately I did not see any copperheads, but I did see a fat black snake and a thin neon green snake at Renny. The black snake was slowly crossing the path 20 feet from me while I was waiting for the rain to pass. The green snake was passing from one bush to another a foot away from my hand as I searched for my disc on 18. I was at my car 7 seconds later and my beloved Drone stayed behind somewhere.

I came across this crayfish on #5 fairway at Hornet's Nest a few days later.

Much more interesting than anything I have come across in Western, NY. I did see some huge Salmon swimming upstream by Lake Ontario once, and a baby deer almost bumped into me when he was coming out of a small strip of trees across #3 fairway at Shore Winds White. Probably startled me more than him.
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I have played at my local course for 3 years now. I had never seen one snake. (oh yeah....I HATE
f-ing snakes). The last three weeks I have seen three. One was tiny and was dead, probably killed by a bird or something. Then last week my buddy and I found green snake about a foot long, not sure what kind it was.....then today when going into the tree line to look for a disc I spotted a garter snake about 15-18 inches long......I may never wear shorts when playing again.
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I was playing Ryan Ranch in Monterey, CA one day, and when I was on the top 9 I saw a bobcat in the middle of a fairway. As soon as he see me and my friend he bolted for the trees. I just thought it was awesome because bobcats can be pretty rare to see in the wild nowadays. Also see deer every now and then at CSUMB Oaks Course.
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About a month ago we were playing the Simsbury course in Pickerington, OH, and on hole 18 we saw a skunk lumbering across the fairway. Well, I happened to throw my disc into the edge of the rough on the side that the skunk went to. When I was looking for my disc I asked my brother's dog to find it. She is an Australian Cattle Dog and she finds all of our lost discs. However, my disc was pretty close to the edge of the rough and it took me just a second to find it.

But... pup went back into the woods where she wasn't supposed to go. I kept calling her but she often doesn't listen to me so I finally told my brother to call her. Wouldn't you know it, I smelled a skunky smell upon her arrival.

Pup got skunked! Her eyes were watering, she was drooling, she had a sneezing fit and eventually started rubbing her face against the ground trying to alleviate the situation. Although she didn't smell THAT bad, we are thinking that she ran through some brush or something that the skunk sprayed. But it was right on her face and she smelled weird (I think it smelled like burnt rubber) for a few days. She's ok now but you can still smell it when she gets wet, which is curious to me. She's a lil stinker!
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Two weeks ago, I was playing Butler Farm, a private course on a farm in western PA. As we were getting out of our car and getting situated, we noticed a large highland bull charging down the hillside toward us. We were pretty nervous until we spotted the electric fence that was keeping him at bay.

Man that sucker was BIG....
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