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I would throw a teebird down the right side and let it fade into the opening. Try to take the easy three and move on.
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I'd say a RHBH new champ roadrunner and let it turn just before the pine on the left. Should get it there well enough. Looks like the trees on the right are pretty far before the basket, so I'd avoid that route.
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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
This is indeed an awesome hole! Lots of risk reward decisions to be made.

Just so you know what you are looking at, there is a group of trees/shrubs on the left about 70-50' short of the basket on the left (so around 300' from the tee). You can pitch up and over if you are not pinned up against them......or in them (which could be a challenge to get out.

What you do not see is a shrub that is 8-9' high on the right of the basket about 50' away (short of the basket). If you throw an S shape shot you need to be high enough to clear that to park the hole.

The tree right in front of you is about 70-80' away (I did not measure - just memory) and is about the same distance as the shrub/tree line on the right that juts out.

Throwing LHBH, I throw either my Star Sidewinder or Valk on an S trying to miss the final trees on the left. It is all I have D-wide to get into putting range.
I wrote this kind of fast before having to head out to work. The part I bolded is a little misleading. That first group of shrubs on the right is only a small grove (you can see it is clear to the far right of the picture).

Behind that grove is open (it is not tree-lined on the right like I implied) - so there is room to work a subtle RHBH S-curve if you choose to go through the gap (where the red arrow is). Or, you can work a much more dramatic S-curve going left of the first tree. So, those are the two risk/reward choices for those who have the arm to want to always go for it. And then there is the decision of playing conservative for those who know they will seldom/never get a deuce.
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I would try to BH a Beast or Valk on an anny left of the first tree and hope it fades to straight while in the middle of the fairway. If it works I might have a decent chance at a putt in the 20-50 foot range. I wish I could play this hole. Looks like a great risk/reward for someone like me.
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LHBH Opto striker, slight anny release to flex it out.
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Originally Posted by Frank Delicious View Post
After reading what Dave said I would probably throw an Eagle or SOLF on a lower (10' or so ) anny line and hope to just get through the gap or at least minimize the risk of hyzering out and getting trapped behind the stuff on the left.
This is what I'm thinking, too. Except I've never thrown an SOLF. So it would be Eagle all the way for me.
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The photo looks kind of deceptive on this one. I think I might try to anny my TL, RHBH out to the left, the left side of that tree in the middle, and have it come back to the right in that opening
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