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Default "Black" Dye

Bought some new RIT navy blue dye to try out on a couple of throwers I have. I know rit doesn't really work anymore, but I was bored and thought, what the heck why not. Didn't dye them Blue, instead I've got a black that somewhat gives off a purple hue. It did it to GL, Star, KC, and DX. KC and DX resisted Star and GL soaked it up. I really like how the TL turned out. My Saints stamp was fading, but now where there is no foil there is a pretty sick ghost stamp so..

Not my first dye job, but not my best either. Either way thought it was cool

I like what it did to my TL and GL Saint Pro so I decided to post the pics
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This happens when you let the disc soak in the dye too long. I had the same thing happen with a Star Eagle. It eventually faded to blue, but it took a while.
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Since the disc was yellow it's going to skew the car of the dye.
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Navy blue is really dark. To actually get blue with it you need to do fairly short dips. Typically 5 min or less.
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Hmmm, so RIT doesn't matter if its Star plastic? I like!!

How long did you soak for?
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Since I posted this my Star TL is still that dark. I used acetone to completely wipe the saint pros stamp and it lightened it to a very deep only seen in sun purple. My TL was orange and honestly I inly put it in for like 5 mins or less. I am very amateur when it comes to dying so idk if that's long or not
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The dark color of your navy dye has to do with the orange plastic. In color theory, complimentary colors which are a primary color:red,yellow, and blue paired with a secondary color:green, purple, and orange respectively. The result is black.

Complimentary colors also make each other pop when placed next to each other. Think NFL teams. Vikings, Broncos.

In college I had a painting professor tell me never use black paint from a tube. So I never have. I make them from complimentary colors. On a yellow disc it would still be pretty dark but greenish. The problem lies in the dense opaque quality of plastic vs the staining power of the dye. The plastic is always going to be a dominant force.

So if anyone says I want a purple stamp on a yellow disc, or green on red etc. let them know it won't work out that well. But it's good info when you don't want to use up your black dye. (Experiment though because I find the red dyes can really overcome a lot of plastic color but probably not on an opaque green disc)

Also, was your navy dye liquid or powder? And did the package have "ND" on it anywhere? Like on the brown bag or on the bottle cap? If RIT dye does not have ND on it you can usually dye pretty well with it.

. . . note for beautiful grays. Browns mixed with blues make the most amazing grays in the world. My favorite mixed black for painting is Alizarin Crimson with Pthalo Green.
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