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I would never buy a bag that didn't have specific sleeves for 2 32 oz water bottles.

That way you always have water and a place for a tallboy
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I can appreciate that you want a big bag so that you don't outgrow. But as a newer player, you're probably not at the point where 20 discs will help you. If anything, it will hurt your game, as big bags quicly fill up with alot of different molds and really fast drivers that, well....you shouldn't carry yet. More than likely you should have a couple putters, a 2-3 mids, and a couple fairway drivers.

I would highly recommend the Fade Crunch Box. It will hold 12 easy, 14 if it has to. It will also hold one big bottle and has a decent pocket on the other end. I have two other large tourney bags, and I still use my Crunch as it holds all the essentials. It's nice to pack light on really hot or cold days, hilly courses, multiple rounds, casual rounds, weekly doubles, etc. Should be able to pickup for about $25.

Then, if down the road, your ability improves and you want to play more competitively, you could add a big bag, as well, for when you need all the extras. There you can spend $50 to $150, depending on what you want.

Having a smaller 12 disc bag and a big 20 disc/cargo bag is nice.
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I would personally have to recommend any Revolution bag. I bought a Fade Gear Crunch box and one of the Quad strap points ripped clean off the bag no more than 2 months after I bought it. Now I understand they have a 1 year warranty but I returned the bag and got a Revolution Pro bag and would never recommend anything else to anyone.

Fade is good if you want to save some cash but in the long haul you'll be happier with something of better quality.

If you're not looking to spend a crazy amount of money this bag would be great not to mention that it still features 2 bottle holders which are essential IMO.


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Originally Posted by josiahv View Post
I've been playing DG for every day for about a month now. I had played a few times here and there years back, but recently I've really gotten into it. I'm trying to limit myself for the time being to just play with a few discs to improve my technique, but eventually I'd like to add more to my bag. I'm looking for a bag that has pretty good capacity (15+) so that I don't have to replace it right away. I don't really carry a much else with me, just the usual water, wallet, keys, cell phone, towel, sharpie, pen, scorecard, mini. I'm probably looking at spending $50 or less and have been looking at the Innova Deluxe bag. Does anyone have experience with this bag? Any other bags you would suggest? is the Innova Competition bag worth the price jump? thanks for your help!
I have the Innova Deluxe, no problem. I am a light user so I can't comment on how it will stand up to constant abuse. The bag is now made by Hero and from what I understand the quality is greatly increased over older Deluxe bags.

There is a thread about the Deluxe vs. Competition. For the price increase you get another water bottle holder at the expense of the large side pocket. Plus a mini holder on the Competition. If you need to carry 2 waters with you then get the Competition, if you rather have the large side pocket get the Deluxe. The Competition to me is not worth the extra $15 (last I checked).

Another option is the line of Fade bags. The Crunch is good but pushing it for what you want. It has less storage area than the Deluxe.

The Fade Tour is fine and a direct competitor to the Innova Competition. Think of it as grocery store generic vs. brand name. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes not. I never had a Fade but I've heard not many complaints either.

If you want to go top tier, then look at Gorilla Boy, Revolution, or Pheonix. That's a whole other price level, although the bags will probably last you for life.

No matter what you choose, spend some time looking on here and on Discaroo. You can often find a good deal on a lightly used bag.
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I'd personally go for a small Revo or Gorilla Boy bag if you know for sure your addiction is going to be hardcore for a long time. I haven't had any problems with the 3 Fade bags I own but I've heard a few complaints over durability (not nearly as much as Innova bags though) but the Revo and GB bags have spotless reps and so they should be good value even if they're pricey.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
15+ is pushing it with the Fade Crunch. Go with the Tourney if you are sure you need space for 15 or more discs.
Yeah, you are not going to get 15 discs in a Crunch Box. It is a great bag for sure, I love mine. I thought of the Tourney bag, but that is just too much bag for me. I don't want to carry that many discs that I would probably never use. If you are new to the game, I would suggest not getting that many discs right away anyway. Keep it simple.
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Thanks for all of your suggestions, I decided to go with a fade crunch box and see how long this new found obsession lasts!
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