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Originally Posted by kfellmy View Post
Uh shouldn't that be Lakeview in Sarasota?
sorry, I was only there for a day, yes that would be correct.
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I'd love to share my quick story about a 2 year lost disc that came back to me.

In 2007 I was playing Stoney Creek in Michigan, and was on the 24th hole (1000 footer). After throwing and seeing where my disc went, we went to find a friends disc, and returning looking for mine, I was unable to find it. It was a Z-Tracker first run with a stamp that just said "discraft", and nothing else. I searched for about 30 minutes, and called it as a loss. It happens, it was my first lost one, but I dealt with it and just got myself a new one.

In 2009 I get a call on my cell phone asking for "KenCo". A number from the area, but one I didn't recognize. They said they had a red disc in their possession with my name and phone number on it, and I was confused at first, but then it hit me, MY TRACKER! They were at some random park that wasn't even a disc golf course, and I was excited. I went to the ATM to grab some cash to give them as a reward for being a kind citizen, and drove the 30 minutes to them.

I got there, and they showed me the disc. Chewed to ****. Bent and destroyed beyond all repair. I gave them $10, asked if they wanted to keep the disc for their dog as if it was no use to me, and went on my way. So for those who may be waiting a long time, you never know when it can come back, and hopefully you have better luck than I did, but it still goes to show that there are still great people in the world who will, without even knowing of a reward, return to the rightful owner
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lost my solid black second run Ion at Austin Ridge hole 17, would very much like it back if anyone finds it
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I found a yellow Innova Shark in the water near the 5th hole at the Santa Anita course in Sacramento, CA. It has a first name, but no phone number. If you lost such a disc in this area, please post your first name. If it matches, let's arrange a return. Thanks.
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I let a friend borrow a Yellow DX Leopard today and he lost it at Hickory Hills in Traverse City Michigan. He threw it and it went left on hole 19. If you find there will be a reward ^ _ ^
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I found a White Star Valkyrie on hole 11 at Harry Myers today. It has a first name and last initial but no number. If you lost one there, shoot me a PM and tell me the name that's in it and I'll get it back to you.
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lost/left my beloved stormtrooper ion yesterday on newton hill.. .. that thing has saved me so many birdies
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Our local track here has a bunch of mixed terrain including trees, thick bushes, undergrowth and what ever else you can throw in so it's not unusual to loose a disc now and then.

Well since April I've lost a grand total of 4 and none have been returned..

> Disk 1 - Bright Green, Discmania Gremlin just plain forgot it in the open.
> Disk 2 - Brand new Sratus, left intentionally as a $9 test and guess what no call and it ain't where I left it.
> Disk 3 - Bright Red Nuke SS, shanked it should have fairly easy to notice but gave up after 20 mins.
> Disk 4 - White Tee-Bird, shanked it off a tree, went screaming up a hill side.

All disks had my name and phone # clearly labeled.. I can see it if the Nuke and Tee-Bird haven't been called yet but the Gremlin and Stratus is a F&$%ing joke...
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Lost\left a highlighter yellow AvengerSS on 17 at WillowWind church in Spring(Houston), Tx on Labor Day. No calls, found a couple DX plastic with no names that I will gladly trade for 2nd fav disc back. Oh well, Discraft Ace Race is Saturday so I'll have a couple prototypes in my bag soon enough.
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Found a disc today at Williamsberg (Ohio) on the third from last hole (my nickname for the hole is 'the return' - after 'creekside'): technically the 17th hole.
No markings of any kind on the disc, but I thought I'd post it.
If you lost it, PM me the color & mold & I'll get it back to you!
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