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So on Tuesday I played Deer Lakes and threw my white pro-d buzzz on 15, of course I hit a twig and it killed enough of my disc's speed to hyzer it out into the middle of the pond. I just stared and watched it sink to the bottom and there it sat, a white circle in a big green pond. Played yesterday and someone put the effort into getting it out, and I don't think I put my number on it I still have my flx buzzz which is my baby, but the pro-d still had a solid spot in my bag.
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Originally Posted by fruggiedesh View Post
Etiquette Question. Browsing my local thrift store, I purchased what I believe to be a 1st run CE Spider for the bargain price of 99 cents! Upon closer inspection, I noticed some ink that I recognized which is the mark of a golfer I used to play with 10+ years ago (I know he still plays), plus another name and number of a golfer who I presume was the second owner. Do I, A) enjoy my bargain; B) Track down the guy whose ink I recognize; or C) call the number.
Personally, I will always call. I want a call someday on any of the ones I've lost. It's not a karma or really an etiquette thing. It's a Golden Rule thing for me. There are lots of threads about this though, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
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Originally Posted by joshualicari View Post
Crazy ... I pulled one of those things out of the lake last night w/ my retriever.
Yeah, I think they only come in one color too. The fairway drivers are orange, the mids are green and the putters are purple. :-/
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Lost a disc today:

Champion glo aviar p&a with a black punisher stamp and the rim was dyed black too. Lost it on hole 7 at Tyler state park. Hit an early tree on the right hand side of the fairway and shot to the left. I think it stayed on the hill somewhere but was not able to find it.

My name and number ae on the back. Someone please find it for me

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My friend lost a White Star Valkyrie on hole 9 at Burchfields River's Edge course on the 10th of November. He lost it off the Tee, tried to anhyzer it and it just went straight. We searched for about 10 minutes and figured it had to be buried under all the fallen leaves.
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The 8th hole at West Lake in Winona is along a lake. I've watched my son turn his shot over and throw a nice Z Xpress and a beat-up #1 Driver in there this fall. Two days ago I let him throw my brand new Blizzard Wraith, and if not for a lucky tree, it would have gone into the depths. Then, just today, he does the same thing with a brand new River, and if not for a different tree it would have been gone too. It hit the water, but only a couple feet from shore.

I'm gonna get him to carry a beat up Valk for that hole from now on.
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Earlier this summer, over Labor Day weekend, a friend and I were on a road trip covering courses in an area we hadn't been to yet. Late in the day, we stopped at Faribault Middle school. We got to hole 3, a wide open slight dogleg right. I think, Sweet, since I throw rhfh, it's an easy hole for me. I tee off, with a little bit of a grip-lock, and my disc goes about 30degrees left of the line I wanted, and then fails to fade. It (esp Flash) sails as good as it ever had, into a marshy looking area. The area didn't look bad until I stepped off the fairway, and realised that it was 5' tall grass with a 2' layer of sponge (old grass) and water underneath. We spent over an hour combing the area where we saw it land. Never found it! The area is so bad, I doubt it will ever be seen again. Of course it was my main driver that I had learned to throw for almost any situation. It was marked with my info, so I pray for it's return someday.
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Last Saturday we went out to test the proposed layout of a new course in Holland Mi.
On the first hole I threw my perfectly beat bubble gum pink Spd dead straight into the wind, unfortunately the basket was way left behind a willow tree. Dead straight was a pitch black 30' deep pond
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I have lost three discs since moving here which is a record of discs lost for me. Not only did i leave a huklab dyed sparkle core in montana, i then threw my staple gummy monster over a brick wall into a gated community. then i left the other staple disc in my bag, a 2008 worlds drone in the OB at Red Rdige park. Realized it, came back and was already gone.

THEN, the next time i played at Mountain Crest, I was talking to a guy walking his dog and joked about throwing too many discs and forgetting to pick one up. Sure as sh!t I threw my go to orange star TL and left it laying out in the field.

My monster has my old MT number on it. I dont think the others have it. Maybe the drone but it was clear I was not getting that back.
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Lost two this weekend, one red Wraith in the Temple Park on hole #10 water hazard and one blue innova out at the white flint park campground out in the thorns somewhere (just a practice shot).

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