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One of these days, I'll learn... Williamsberg (OH) Hole 8 has a stream to the right, that rises to a swift-flowing 4' deep river at times. That's NOT the time to flip your Orange Blizzard Destroyer over to hook right.
It now sleeps with the fishes.
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Lost 2 disc x-mas day @ sunset park in Las Vegas, a pink champ teebird+, and a neon green blizzard boss both are factory second disc. If you found them and tried to call the # on the disc you might have heard a recording saying you dialed the wrong # that has since been fixed so if you have found or find them please just call the # that is on the discs thanks.
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so i lost a disc at my local course in early September a new pro valk threw it 3 times and threw it into some tall grass on the back side of the course and found it today sitting out in the open off of the 17th hole. there were 2 dudes who passed us today on the course and am almost positive that one of them had found it and had been playing with it its beat in hardcore and still had my number clear as day on it they must have left it behind on their round most random found disc ever
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Default Found in Panama City FL!

Found a disc laying right beside the teebox yesterday (12/31/12) at Joe Moody Harris Park in Panama City FL. If you think this might be yours, PM me.
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Originally Posted by GoldenThrower View Post
* Yesterday found a decent Discraft Flick with custom stamp sitting in the rough. Hard to believe it was lost as it stuck out like a sore thumb, guessing maybe someone threw it and then threw from the rough, but forgot to pick it up before moving along. No contact info, just two initials in old english font.
Not often you find a reason to quote yourself, but I think this qualifies.

Out playing a round this past weekend on a different course when I found another disc. Almost the exact same scenario as above, except this time I found it dead center in the middle of the snow covered fairway. Actually saw the spot someone cleared to set their bag down in the snow and it was close enough to my drive to use the same spot. As I put my bag down I saw a disc sticking half out of the snow. I think somebody drove it to that spot, cleared the area and threw their approach with a different disc. Picked up their bag and headed to the pin and left it where it landed.

Funny thing is, it was the exact SAME GUY! Same old english letter on the bottom (twice) and no name, contact info or even disc weight. It is a "First Run" Stalker. Found it on Hole 18 on this course and found the other disc on Hole 17 of a different course a few miles away. I guess if you are a bit of a space cadet and left a couple of discs behind on two different courses, shoot me a PM. Somebody will be happy to get 2 discs back.
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lost my 180g proto stamp roc 3 this past sunday.. Didn't even throw it in the water, just left it somewhere. fml
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Lost a z comet on 17 at glacier ridge today send me a pm if you happen to play there and come across it.
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Took my brother out for his first disc golf experience over the holidays. Played at Wells Branch in Austin as it is a good beginner course. On hole #17 I throw my day glo yellow Star Lycan and it lands pretty close to the walking path. Not a bad shot. My brother launches a DX Eagle into the only part of the creek that still has water in it. No big deal. There is a group fishes one out shooting from #7. I see my brothers disc and their disc. I reach down and grab their disc and before I can say no one of their guys tries to push my disc across and knocks it into the muck and mud with no way to see it. They finish up on #7 and continue on. The group behind them comes up with a disc catcher and are totally friendly and cool. We spend a few minutes fishing for the disc with no luck. No big deal, it was a beat up DX Eagle. That is why I gave it to him throw. Now the Star TL he lost in the woods on #14 hurt a bit but whatever. We thanked the group for helping and my brother lays up from the creek. It has been less than 10 min. since I threw my first shot and as I go to finish up my disc is nowhere to be found. Yes that's right, some piece of sh*t walking/riding by on the track saw my purdy day-glo yellow Lycan and walked away with it. I was pissed and still am. I thought it was good however that on his first day my brother got to experience both ends of the spectrum with disc golfers. Friendly and helpful and complete douchbaggery.
Long story short, I lost a total of three discs in 4 holes. Bummer. Silver lining, my brother fell in love with disc golf and happens to live about 20 min from Flyboy. I hope to get a chance to play there when visiting him this summer. End transmission.
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This could be the ultimate found disc story...

In 1991 I designed my first hot stamp for Bob Lewis and FDGA (Florida Disc Golf Association) I'm FDGA # 86. I don't remember how many he had printed up but before I could get one they were all sold. I did happen to get a few of the minis.

Fast forward 22 years...

Today I go to Gaithersburg, MD for The 2013 Maryland vs. Virginia Ice Bowl Battle IV. The round is over and I'm sitting on a bench watching what's going on and one of the guys in my group walks up with a disc he bought off one of the local guys. It was a Grateful Dead/Flying Eye hot stamp that Nick Sartori used to sell back in the early 90's. Nick was a Clearwater, Fl DG'er that used to travel with Ken Climo when he was just starting to win his World titles. I have a viper in my collection with the exact same stamp.

This got my curisoity and I go over to the bin and one of the first discs I pick up is an Aviar Putter (Never Thrown) with my design on it. Notice the "CKM Graphics" on the basket post. My first graphics signature was my initials.

I made this design on an old MAC IIsi with Illustrator 1.0. Now I have a disc to go with the mini I have saved all these years.
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Threw my X-Buzzz into the water on 17 at Winthrop over the Christmas break. Barely went in, but it was almost dark, and the water was murky didn't want to take any chances sticking my hand in there all willy nilly. Gave me an excuse to buy more plastic I guess.
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