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I was playing night golf about a month ago for the first time.. I couldn't see anything.. & I threw an Innova Valk.. Well I guess that's an OS Control Driver because that's what it did when thrown flat with no wind.. No idea where it is. In the pond? It can't be in the grass. Searched for hours, no luck.. Even went with a weed whacker.. Disc is gone..
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Lost my grey RGL Diamond at 17 at the Woods at St. Mary's. Long downhill throw hooked left towards the rough, but I thought it probably rolled down the hill - wasn''t on the hill, wasn't in the rough, gave up after 20 minutes or so. Too bad, nice little disc.
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I lost my favorite Vibram Trak since it's a light brown camo color and perfectly blends in with dried grass. D'oh! That was on #2 at Falcone in San Antonio. When I was on 8, I got a phone call. Turns out, a guy on the course behind me found it. That was 3 weeks ago.

Two days ago, my favorite Katana got picked up by a strong wind that came out of nowhere and deposited it well behind a very unpleasant fenced in area. A guy I met saw what happened and proceeded to scale the monster fence and toss my disc back.

Disc golfers are good people.
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Default My Buzzz jumps...

So I was playing Valley View Park in New Berlin, WI. I threw my leopard and pulled it way right on hole three. Four of us looked for quite awhile and never saw it. On hole 16 I got a phone call and got my leopard back.

One of my friends and I played a second round we got up to tee off on hole 2 and I reached for my Buzzz and it wasn't there. I had last thrown it on hole 16. I thought I put it back in my bag but maybe I didn't. Somewhere between hole 16 and hole 2 it jumped out of my bag.

If you find it I would love to get it back.
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I lost a brand new blue neutron unstamped mvp volt today at Paco Sanchez in Denver, Colorado on my second throw ever with the disc. It is wedged in a tree 30 feet up next to the creek in the middle of hole 7 by the sprinklers. I would definitely offer a reward if anyone happens to retrieve it. Cheers.
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Lost a lava color shift Lat Pain a few months ago.
First time playing a course with horrid reviews. Course was overgrown with little to no care at all.
A down hill left sweeper. Disc flew exactly as I had wanted. Went down to find no disc. We looked for over 30 minutes until dark with no luck.
Week or so later went back and looked for another good 30 minutes.
No luck.

The next week I ordered another Pain. To my suprise another lava color shift.

Guy I was playing with lost a disc on the exact same hole on the same day.
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I just lost my blue TP Tursas while playing Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA. It was on the Cattle Chute if I recall correctly. I launched my disc out left hoping it would turn right but it went pretty straight and ricocheted off a tree and went left. I thought I saw where it went but we looked for it for a few minutes and couldn't find it. I also walked through about 20 spider webs.

I had my name and phone number on my disc so maybe some good Samaritan will return my disc some day. I want to write a review for this course as it is really nice and rated #10 in the country on here. I want to play it again! Very cool
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I've had a good streak lately on being called about my lost discs. Sunday I left my Valkyrie laying on my lie and walked away from it. Yesterday I got a call from Charles, a "non discer" who picked it up while walking the park. I was already home about 15 miles away and told him so. He said he lived two blocks from the park and he'd hold onto it and bring it to me next time I came there to play. Can't beat that.

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176.8 Cobra star, white, joker skull custom dye, ink, 7/10, lost 8/1/13 at New Creations, hole 7 (the peninsula out into the lake)...any fishermen out there? My usual routine is if I get a return, you get your choice out of my sale thread!
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I have played on and off for a decade and somehow never lost a disc until this week. I lost two discs at Mackenzie park in Lubbock Tx.

#1 My favorite disc, a Red MVP Neutron Volt on hole 14. Threw out over the hill and swear I saw where it came down, but when I went over there it was nowhere to be found. I searched for well over an hour. There's all kinds of cactuses, yucca, and mesquite. I think it got sucked into a portal to another dimension.

#2 I lost this morning on hole 3. My oldest disc, a white Innova Birdie putter. On a medium approach shot, it floated over the top of the basket and down the bank of the river behind it. I thought for sure it was just right there on the edge but I couldn't find it. The river was pretty dried up today, and I got down there and looked around for about 30 minutes before giving up. That was my first putter and it was beat to hell, but I loved it for that deep rim. It would stop on a dime when it hit the ground on dangerous approach shots. This time I over threw it.

I wish there was some kind of GPS locator sticker that we could put on them. My contact info is on both, but I doubt I will ever see them again.
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